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75 Percent of Diamonds are Cut and Proportioned Poorly

Wait a minute… Hold up


YES! (According to Fred Cuellar, the Diamond Guru who wrote “How to Buy a Diamond“, a huge number of stones are not living up to their full potential.

Only 25% of diamonds are cut well! WOW!

And the Funniest thing…

Cut is the #1 factor that man can control. We are the ones that cut them. And we can cut them anyway we like (in any shape or size). And so how do we cut them:


That’s sad!

Read a passage Fred Cuellar wrote in his book:

How to Buy a Diamond

Man can’t control color, or diamond clarity (that’s Mother Nature’s job). But by the way we cut them, we can determine their ability to exhibit as much light and fire as possible (which also determines carat weight).

So it’s all up to us!

What does a “Poorly Cut Diamond” mean?

It means, it’s not optimal. It’s not “perfect” like it should be… as in “excellent” cut. Triple excellent to be exact. Where the cut, polish, and symmetry all have “excellent” grades (those lovely hearts and arrows).

If it’s less then that, it’s POOR! (Bad Make)

Look at these diamonds to see what I mean:

Different cuts of diamond excellent good poor

You can see a visual difference between them (which also greatly affects price!)

Why do we Cut them like this?


That’s it! That’s the only reason. If the diamond cutters can stand to make $5,000 from a rough parent rock, carving out “poorly cut” diamonds, versus only making $1,000 profit on one “excellent” cut diamond, what do you think they’ll choose?

The Whole World Revolves around Money.

Now most people may not notice these less-then-ideal diamond facets and proportions. And most people are not going to put them side by side with better quality stones to see… But once you do see them (like above), you will want them: The excellent diamonds!

Unlike these Poorly Cut Diamonds here:

Poorly Cut Diamonds

Not Very Pretty are they?

A triple excellent, hearts and arrows diamond (called “True Hearts” at James Allen), is the best of the bestLike this diamond here:

True Hearts Diamond

And yes, you do pay for that cut (just like anything top-of-the-line). But cut makes the entire diamond look better. It gives it tons more white light (brilliance), and colored light (fire). It also makes the stone appear bigger and brighter. It’s a win-win. It’s CUT!

Cut is something man can control, and something YOU can control when selecting a diamond for an engagement ring.

Look for “Triple Excellent” on a GIA Diamond Report:

Triple Excellent on a GIA Diamond Report

And look for that “True Hearts Symbol…

How to Find True Hearts Diamonds

That way you’ll know that your diamond is not poorly cut. You’ll know that it will outshine 75% of all the diamonds on the market, and that’s incredible!

And do also note that this mostly implies to “round brilliant cut” diamonds, since rounds are the only diamonds with an actual cut grade. James Allen though, takes it one step further and gives deserving “excellent cut” princess cut diamonds a True Hearts grade as well! (See True Hearts Princess Cuts HERE!)

Princess Cut Diamond True Hearts

Diamonds like these are brilliant, beautiful, and rare. And once you see them in person, with your own eyes, you’ll be mesmerized by their light and life.

They’re that Stunning!

See ALL the True Hearts Diamonds HERE at James Allen.

And enjoy your new BLING!

Cheers! :)

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