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The Best Chains to Ever Buy
James Allen 25 Percent Off Sale
A Cheap 1 Carat Diamond You Wont Want To Pass Up

Don’t let this deal slip through your fingers…

If you’re looking for a loose diamond, maybe an upgrade, or the perfect stone for an engagement ring, consider this stone.

It’s a beauty!


For the quality, brilliance, and sparkle, it really is unbeatable.

So before I get into quality, take a peek at this diamond:

A Cheap 1 Carat Diamond You Wont Want To Pass Up

This diamond is sold by James Allen, and the color is surprising…


Because most people wouldn’t even look at diamonds with color. Most will stick within the G-H color range and be perfectly happy with the price tag.

But you can save tons of money…

For color can quickly be covered up by cut. So picking the best cut there is; True Hearts, allows you to get a great looking diamond and mask any yellow in the stone.

Diamond Color:

The color of this particular diamond is K. It’s actually in the “faint yellow” range. And, when you compare the colors side by side with a “white diamond” (generally G or higher on the color grading scale), you will see a difference. But when you add in the best cut in the world, it changes everything.

Diamond Cut:

The cut of this diamond is True Hearts, meaning, it has not only the best cut grades by GIA (triple excellent), but it’s also Ideal Cut with perfectly patterned hearts and arrows. It’s the cream of the crop cut and nothing else compares. It will outshine any diamond out there, and make every aspect of the diamond look better; bigger, brighter, and whiter.

So what’s the price?

The price of this stone is just $4,120. That’s dirt cheap for a True Hearts diamond.

And not only is this diamond ultra cheap for the size and cut, but the clarity is top notch too; it’s VS2. So it has very small inclusions in the diamond that are only seen under a 10x microscope.

Compare the prices below of this diamond, and an SI1, F diamond:

Compare Prices Of 1 Carat Diamonds

1.04, VS2, K, EX, EX, EX, NONE $4,120 VIEW
1.02, SI1, F, EX, EX, EX, NONE $6,500 VIEW

Not only do you save $2,380, but you also get a bigger carat weight (1.04 carats), no fluorescence, and no inclusions that stand out. Sure, you can see that the color is not as white… But that’s only if you put them side by side. Apart, you’d never know it. Plus, do you think that’s a $2,380 visible difference? I think not. It’s a beautiful diamond that will sell fast, fast, fast.

If you’re in the market, don’t hesitate, buy this stone today.

And if that’s sold, check out these other similar quality diamonds here.

Cheers! :)

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