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Addicted To Jewelry

I have customers that come into the store every single week to buy new Jewelry!

No Lie!

You know who you are!

These Ladies (I’ve never seen or heard of a man with Jewelry Addiction, but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist) spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a month on anything from Diamond Earrings to Tennis Bracelets to Gemstone Jewelry to Gold Chains to Platinum to Pendants and more.

“I want to Charge it!”

Jewelry Addicts run up their Charge Accounts, they put Diamonds in Layaway, they Order Designer Name Brands, they Custom Design Rings, they put Dazzling Earring Studs on hold…

They’re always looking for that next big sparkling Diamond and Gemstone look.

While I have no problems waiting on customers like this, I also feel helpless and sorry for them at the same time. Spending this much week after week adds up to an insane amount.

Buy and Return!

These same compulsive people buy Jewelry, then return it the next week. Or they trade it in a couple months later on something bigger and better. It’s a sickness that can’t be stopped.

So what can you do if you’re this type of person? Is there a way to keep your money in your pocket? Is there a way to be happy with the jewelry you already have? Will you ever be satisfied?

There is no cut and dry answer here.

Addictions are Destructive and Crippling!

Jewelry Addiction can quickly drain your bank account. It can consume your earnings and put you thousands of dollars in debt. And the sad thing is, you still will never fulfill that desire.

You will always want more!

Is there a light at the end of the Jewelry Checkout?

Jewelry Addiction will always leave you wanting more.

Once you wear a 2.00 Carat Diamond on your finger, everything else looks little by comparison.

Spending Habits

Jewelry Addicts can have many different reasons for their spending habits.

They could want the envy of their Girlfriends. Jewelry could be used to compensate for other areas in their lives that are lacking.

It could be a failed marriage, a stressful job, low self-esteem, a childhood tragedy, a middle aged crisis or maybe just an increase in weight.

Bigger Problems

Usually these addictions are just signs of a bigger problem. It gets worse when interest charges rape you. A $500 Diamond Necklace suddenly turns into a $1500 weight with Credit Card charges.

But there is Hope!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It starts with letting go of the Jewelry you don’t wear anymore.

Sell it. Return it. Do what ever you can to chop away at that bill. Keep only the most important pieces of jewelry. A Ring, a Bracelet, a Pendant, a Watch, some Earrings.

Give up Everything Else!

The only way to get your life and money back is to get a grip on it. It’s time to face the facts and sacrifice. Now I’m not saying give up purchasing. I’m not saying don’t buy Jewelry anymore. What I’m saying is slim it down, change your buying habits.

Buy Better!

Buy White Gold instead of Platinum. Buy Semi-Precious Gemstones (Amethyst, Topaz, Citrine, Peridot) instead of Precious (expensive) Gems (Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires).

Purchase Cubic Zirconia Jewelry instead of Diamonds.

CZ’s look similar, but are a fraction of the price. And if you really want to turn things around, purchase Sterling Silver! Silver is inexpensive and it’ll fill that must-buy-jewelry need!

Cut back and Control it!

Get the jewelry bills paid off.

Be smart in your choices!

And above all, don’t impulse buy. Those snap decisions, no matter what the deal is, can really hurt when you have to pay the price!

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