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Aprils Birthstone Gemstone Diamond

You lucky April babies.

You get the prize!

Out of all the gemstones in the world that could have been associated with April, you get the king of gems: diamond.

Legend says that priests wore breastplates with 12 gems in them. These gemstones were connected to the zodiac (diamond is Aries zodiac gemstone March 21 – April 19) and associated with the months. People began to wear their birth month gem all year long as a talisman.

Kings and rulers adorned themselves with diamonds. Probably because diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth, nothing beat it. They held diamond in high esteem. The rich also wore diamond as a status symbol. King Tut was buried with diamonds. What a way to go…


Throughout history, diamond has not only been praised, but cursed. The Hope diamond (famous blue diamond in the Smithsonian Institute) has been cursed for centuries. Some fear it. Some have been killed and poisoned by it.

Diamond’s intrigue, mystery and lore is never ending.

Myth even states that cupid’s arrow was tipped with diamonds. Talk about “Shot through the heart…

This could be why April’s birthstone signifies love, trust, beauty, creativity and competence.

Diamond just makes you feel good. Everybody wants one. Everyone needs one.

Since diamond is the hardest natural substance (a 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness) it’s no wonder why this gem is used for engagement rings and wedding sets today. It stands for the endurance of love. It really is everlasting.


The beauty and sparkle that diamonds give off will never fade. It’s like a thousand stars in the sky. It lights up your eyes.

Maybe that’s why the American National Association of Jewelers selected diamond as the official birthstone for the month of April in 1912. Many say this was just for commercial reasons, but no matter, diamond was accepted worldwide and it’s the one gemstone that everyone wants to wear regardless of the month they were born.

Diamond may have started out as a chunk of pure carbon, but by nature’s sheer power and amazing force, it transformed this rock into the most beautiful gem on earth.

So April does have the best birthstone of them all. If you are born in April, consider yourself lucky. Nothing tops a diamond.

Diamond has been around for millions of years.

Their vast appeal is breathtaking.

With stunning beauty, hardness, and lasting ability, you can see why this gem is no fool.

April’s fool.

Cheers! :)

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