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Is Your Blue Sapphire Too Dark and Black?

Many sapphires (one of the 3 precious gemstones) that you find in the jewelry stores today are very dark in tone.

So dark in fact, that these sapphires (I’m talking about genuine stones, not the lab-created stones) don’t even look blue. A good portion of them look black.

Black? It’s true.

So let’s take a closer look at…

Black sapphires:

These black sapphires are imported mainly from Australia and trust me, they are not very desirable.

Sapphires that look so dark blue that they appear black are cheap and low grade. Steer away from these stones.

Blue sapphires should look blue.

Sapphires (always referring to blue sapphires unless specified) should look blue. Now the shade of blue and the saturation of blue may vary (some are more purplish or greenish in hue) but they should still be blue.

Sapphires actually come in just about every color of the rainbow: pinks, yellows, greens, oranges… black? No! Black is not a color. Black is a tone.

Black Onyx GemstoneSome sapphires are so black and dense that they look more like black onyx gemstones instead (see image left). The only good think about black sapphires is that they are durable, while onyx is not.

Also note that if you’re buying a loose sapphire, that sapphire will always tend to look even darker once they are mounted. The prongs and the mounting covering the stone block light from entering the sides and bottom and makes it appear darker.

Not good.

Always strive for sapphires that definitely look like sapphires. You don’t want people looking at your new beautiful ring and saying “What stone is that?

It should be apparent. Otherwise, it’s a waste.

Intense blue shades:

Blue sapphires should be blue and the more intense blue, the better. I prefer a strong, vivid, intense, medium shade of blue (see picture above). Ceylon sapphires are the best. I love those stones.

So if it’s sapphire you’re after, spend the extra money and buy blue ones.

Sapphire is one of the best gemstones to ever purchase because of its hardness (9 on the Moh’s scale), and it can be worn with anything and everything, and that makes sapphire a very versatile gem. Plus, it’s the official birthstone for the month of September. Go blue (Michigan fan in me).

Blue is blue, unless you buy black.

And in that case, you should just buy created (at least created blue sapphire is cheaper… and blue.)

Cheers! :)


  1. I’m sorry, but I am going to disagree with you. I love my Midnight Blue Sapphires. The one in my wedding set was appraised at 1500.00 and did not come from Australia, but from Thailand. My Sapphires are also hued blue, and you can definitely tell by holding black diamonds or onyx next to it. Recently went looking for more, and they are actually sought after and the prices are going up for good quality Midnight Sapphires.

    • Hi Syrinx. Thanks for the comment. Many Sapphires are beautiful, regardless of their color. And yes, a lot of people do like them darker. I have no issues with that. Personally, I prefer the brighter ones that don’t look so black (and some really do look jet black). Dark blue is fine, but the vibrant hues of the more intense Ceylon Sapphires just can’t be beat. Sapphires are always a good choice to wear no matter what. They’re durable and will last you a lifetime. So enjoy! :)

  2. Shayla Parveen // October 15, 2016 at 7:07 pm // Reply

    My engagement ring ordered dark blue color sapphire but when we got it we found the color is jet black. We both was so upset and went to that store (It’s a big chain jewelry store in North America) but the manager lady couldn’t able to help us except to return. But we did not have that much time in our hand. Anyway, till I’m so upset about my sapphire color and feeling cheated by that store.

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