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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Best Gemstones for a Mother's Ring?

You’d think buying a mother’s ring would be easy. But there are actually quite a few options that you’ll have to decide on before you make that all important mother’s ring purchase.

What kind of gems?

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to face, is the one regarding gemstones.

What kind of gemstones should you get?

Is there even a choice? That’s always the #1 question asked by most people when they’re looking at mother’s rings.

And there are plenty of options:

Like, real or fake?

You’ll have to decide if you want real (genuine) gemstones, or if you want fake (synthetic) gemstones. Take my word for it, you DO NOT want synthetic. Synthetics are worthless and crappy and won’t last. I always tell people, if you can’t afford to get genuine gemstones in your mother’s ring, then don’t buy a mother’s ring. It’s as simple as that.

Why not buy synthetics? Because synthetic stones look cheap. They look fake. They only vaguely resemble the real stone. (most of the time, the color will be way off), and the worst part of synthetic stones is that they chip and break easily.

So I say “Why bother?“, synthetic stones get cloudy quickly and dull up faster than she can put it on her finger and say “Look what my kids bought me.” Trust me, you’ll want to buy genuine gemstones. Spend the extra couple of bucks, it’s worth it.

Genuine stones are no guarantee that they’ll last a lifetime (or not chip), but I assure you, they’ll look much better, they’ll be more durable, and they’ll certainly last you for a long, long time. And that’s a huge bonus when it comes to mom.

The next major decision you’ll have to make regarding gemstones is…

Faceted or cabochon?

Faceted gemstones are exactly what they sound like. Stones with cut and polished facets on them. Cabochon gemstones on the other hand, are smooth, rounded, and domed on top (see picture).

Most gemstones that are available for mother’s rings are faceted anyway. And that’s a good thing. But there are still some stones that may come rounded (think of a circle cut in half. The top part is domed, the bottom part is flat).

My advice?

Get faceted gemstones always. Skip the dome.

But why not buy cabochon? Because highly polished facets not only look better, but tend to last longer in mother’s rings. Where as domed stones tend to wear down and dull up on top. Faceted stones also hold up extremely well under daily use, and because of the way they’re cut, the prongs of the mounting can actually hold them better.

The basic purpose of a mother’s ring is to hold birthstones, so let’s look at those…


Most birthstones work great in mother’s rings. But, some birthstones work better than others.

For example…

June birthstones:

You would normally think of pearl as the June birthstone. But pearls do not work well in mother’s rings. They break out of the mounting easily and don’t match the shape and feel of the rest of the stones.

So buy created alexandrites instead.

Alexandrite is also the official birthstone for June, but it’s more rare and expensive, so jewelers usually offer pearl instead. Created alexandrite on the other hand, looks awesome (made in a laboratory and cheaper). They change colors like the real stones do, they are not synthetic, because “created” means they are made from the real composition. And created alexandrite will match the look and feel of the rest of the birthstones (see picture). It’s a win-win gemstone.

October birthstones:

For October babies, get the pink tourmaline (see picture) instead of opal. Pink tourmaline is really the official birthstone for October. Opals are the worst stone for mother’s rings. They break quickly, dull up and you’ll have to replace them all the time. Tourmaline wins because it’s a durable, faceted stone (Opals are domed).

All the other genuine birthstones should hold up quite well. They look great. They’ll last you a long time. And just about any mother’s ring out there will hold them.

So if you must get a mother’s ring, remember:

  • Buy genuine, not synthetic.
  • Skip the opals and pearls.
  • And buy faceted, not cabochon.

Your mother will thank you.

Cheers! :)

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