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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Bigger Diamonds Bring Bigger Smiles

Bigger is Better!

They always say Bigger is Better.

We Strive for Bigger and Better things in Life all the time. A Bigger Car, a Bigger House, a Bigger Family, a Better Job… We are always looking to Upgrade, Upsize and Improve.

It’s the Size that Counts!

Diamonds are No Different.

Often someone will Write in asking me to help them Decide between Two Different Diamonds to Buy. For Example… One Stone being a .75 Carat, VS1, G, and the other being a 1.00 Carat, SI1, H

They Ask Me what I Think

My Decision is Easy

Go with the Bigger Stone!


Because the Diamond is a Bigger Diamond, it will Bring you Bigger Smiles!


It Doesn’t Matter if the Clarity is a Little Lower, it Doesn’t Matter if the Color is a Tad Lower, the Truth is, Bigger Diamonds DO bring Bigger Smiles!

This is so Evident when Guys Bring their Fiancees in to look at Engagement Rings. When she is Shown a Ring with a Huge Diamond in the Center, her Whole Face Lights up. She gets a Huge Smile that cannot be Erased.

The Lesson Learned is: Body Language Speaks Volumes!

Watch how her Body Reacts

She may be saying out Loud “That’s Okay, we can always get the Smaller, More Affordable Stone“. But her Face and Smile don’t Lie. When she Looks at the Big Diamonds she Smiles from Ear to Ear.

That’s the Diamond She Really Wants!

Isn’t that the Smile you want to see Everyday?

With most Women, a Gigantic Diamond is like a Dream come True. A Fairytale.

Don’t Believe me? Give it a Test.

The Smile Test

Bring a Girl Friend in to Compare two Diamonds with you. Grab a Large Carat Weight Diamond with Lower Clarity and Color. Show her this Diamond along with a Smaller Carat Weight with Better Quality (Like VS or VVS, and Colorless). See what her Reaction is. Chances are Very Good she’ll Gravitate towards the Larger Stone (as long as the Quality is at least Average; SI Clarity, Near Colorless). It Draws Women in like Magnets. This is the same Reaction your Fiancee will get, and all of your Fiancee’s Girlfriends. Smiles are Contagious!

So while you’re Trying to Decide between a Smaller Stone with better Clarity, you should really Focus on what Matters the Most:


Now I’m not Saying Dump Quality, I would Never Advise that. What I’m saying is Sacrifice a Little Quality to get a Bigger Rock.

Instead of a VS1 Clarity Diamond, get an SI1. You’ll never know the Difference unless you Microscope it.

Instead of a G Color Diamond, go with an H Color. Side by Side Colors will be almost Impossible to Detect any differences between them.

With Quality, it’s always a Give and Take. Give up a little Clarity and Color and get a Bigger Carat Weight. The Price should even out to be about the same, but you get a Bigger Stone.

The End Result is Obvious

That Happy Face suddenly turns into a Tremendous, Gleaming Smile that Bounces off the Walls in a Surreal Moment that your Fiancee will never Forget.

What Size Should you Buy?

I say, if you can Afford it, go for a One Carat Diamond or larger. One Carats are the Cream of the Crop. If you can’t get a One Carat (1.00) then get the Biggest Stone you can while still trying to remain in the SI Clarity Range or higher.

I would also try to stay in the G-H-I Color Ranges or higher. That way you still get a Great Looking Diamond and you can Spend More on the Carat Weight.

Lastly, don’t Forget to Purchase your Diamond Certified (like GIA). That Certificate Guarantees the Quality that you’re Buying.

Certification is Very Important!

Follow these Simple Rules and you’ll get a Beautiful Looking Diamond, and of course…

A Great, BIG Smile!


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