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Boomband Bluetooth Wrist Band Speaker Review


I saw this Boomband on Amazon, and I had to test it out and review it.

It’s a speaker that you wear on your wrist.

For just $35 (at the time of this post), it’s perfect for what I need: to listen to music while walking around the neighborhood.

I have earbuds, and earphones, but they’re always a pain to wear. They hurt my ears, are often hard to pair, and drop the signal frequently. And anytime you have a conversation, you have to remove them and goof with them. I wanted something easier, and better.

I gave Boomband a shot. And no, this isn’t a paid review, I ordered it on Amazon, paid for it myself; but if you do buy one from my link, I will get a commission on it. :)

The Boomband arrived days later:

Boomband Wrist Speaker Review

You can get these in black, or silver, I choose black. It’s as simple as you can get: 1 button, 1 charge port. Nothing more.

Boomband Speaker In Black Or Silver

When you open the package, you’ll see a charging cable, and an instruction manual.

As shown below:

Boomband Opening Package Charging cord Instructions

The band is 9.5″ long, and the diameter of the speaker is just under 2″ wide. The adjustable silicone strap fastener has holes all the way up the side, so it will fit any wrist. I have a small wrist, and I still had 2 holes left.

Boomband On Wrist

I will say, there is a trick to putting on this silicone band. There are metal nubs on the inside, like so:

Boomband Adjustable Silicone Wrist Strap

And while you may think it would be easy to put your thumb over a nub and push it into the hole, it isn’t. That’s because it’s silicone and it gives. So the trick is to position your thumb in between the two numbs and push. That pops both nubs into the holes at the same time. Works perfectly!

Putting On The Silicone Boomband Strap

The speaker is a good size, looks slightly big on my wrist (like those big ass watches; Invicta), but I assure you, it also has a big sound. It didn’t feel heavy, or awkward, and most people will think it’s just a watch anyway.

I plugged the cable in, the red light comes on when it’s charging. When it’s done, the light goes out (mine charged in just a minute).

Charging The Boomband Speaker Wrist Band

You push the one button for 5 seconds. It says POWER ON (and POWER OFF, when you turn it off). When you look at the bluetooth on your smartphone, you’ll see it listed as Boomband. It connected easily and instantly (unlike some devices).

Boomband Bluetooth Connected Pairing

When it connects, it tells you “CONNECTED”, so you know. Plus, the light flashes blue.


I was blown away. Seriously. I was thinking that this small speaker would have a weak sound (like many portable blue tooth speakers). But it doesn’t. It sounds great. It has bass, sounds stereo, and sounds better than anything small and compact for sure. It doesn’t sound like you’re in a tin can (like the iPhone speaker). It sounds really, really good. I brought up a song and hit play. I LOVED IT! You control the song list and volume with your phone. It made me dance around. Not lying. It really did.

Boomband Sounds Awesome With Music

Trust me, this is something you’ll want to wear to the beach, or a hike, or running, walking. It sounds awesome, is waterproof, and as simple as you can ever ask for.

With the speaker attached to you, you won’t have to lug something around (or lose it), it’s with you at all times. Meaning, your music is there as well.

This is a win-win in my book.

I went in thinking it might be cool and fun, but came out thinking it’s totally kick ass and awesome.

Grab the Boomband and GO!

Boomband On Amazon

You’ll love it for yourself, and it makes a perfect gift.

Buy one for everyone!

Head over to Amazon here and get your groove on today.

Cheers! :)

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