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Bridal Earrings For The Bride

Let’s Face it, the Bride’s Earrings have got to be Spot on!

They make the Entire Outfit

They are NOT your Normal Everyday Earrings!

They have to look Dazzling with your Wedding Dress.

They Need to Sparkle and Shine and Compliment your Face, Hair, and Wedding Ring.

They have their Work Cut out for them!

You want them to look like a Million Bucks, just Not Cost one.

And after years of Selling Bridal Jewelry and Brides-To-Be Earrings to Wear on their Special Day, I’ve come to understand 1 thing…

What makes the Perfect Pair of Earrings!

Granted, it all Depends on the Color Theme of your Wedding, as well as the Type of Necklace you’re Wearing, and your Hair Style, but Generally, this Works Best:

  1. White Metals
  2. Dangling
  3. Diamonds
  4. Pearls
  5. Precious Gemstones

Now let’s take a Closer Look…

White Metals

White Metals are Clean, Classy and Elegant. Metals like White Gold (I lean more Towards White Gold than anything), Platinum, Steel, Titanium and even Tungsten. They all Work Great!

Sterling Silver will work as well (and be much Cheaper), but they should be Hypoallergenic (If Can Be). Silver may Tarnish or Turn Colors over time (Depending on the Actual Quality of the item)… Not to mention Leave Green and Black Stains on your Body (Although Wearing them just One Day Generally isn’t an Issue) :)


It’s got to Dangle!

Most Women prefer their Hair up when they’re getting Married. It gets tied back Exposing your Face and Ears. So an Earring that Drops or Dangles really tends to stand out.

My Favorite Style of Drops is Pave or Chandelier.

They are both Dazzling, Sparkly, and Bling like Crazy! :)

You’ll Love how they Look, and Love how they Feel.

(Great Examples are Shown Below)


Diamonds take the Wedding Cake when it comes to Beautiful Flashy Earrings.

Diamonds Last FOREVER, and are Enduring just like your Love and Life. They are Durable, Dependable, and Sentimental.

Diamonds Equals LOVE!

But Diamonds are EXPENSIVE! So…

CZ’s (Cubic Zirconia) or Crystals will also Work! Stones like this Won’t Last as long as Diamonds though, but should be Perfect for the Actual Wedding Day and the Wedding Photographs.

Buying CZ’s or Crystals will SAVE you TONS of Money! :)

The Carat Weight of the Stones doesn’t Matter Much either. They Don’t Need to be Big, although I wouldn’t be Sad if they were. Just Enough to LOOK Big. Bright, Eye-Catching, and Full of Life!

Chandelier Earrings are the BOMB!

They are the Bling of the Blang. They will Sway Gently Back and Forth as you’re Walking down the Isle.

Everyone will LOVE them!

Chandelier Earrings to me, are the ULTIMATE EARRING!


Pearls are always a Great Choice for Bridal Earrings. Many Women wear either Diamonds or Pearls (Pearls stand for Purity, Truth, Fertility, Innocence, Cleanliness, Faith, Honesty, Protection, Sincerity, and Peace), but it all Depends on the Necklace.

If you’re Wearing a Pearl Necklace, then by all means, get Pearl Drop Earrings or Dangles to Match. Something that Hangs Down away from the Ear. And if it’s Combined with Diamonds as well, that’s the Ticket!

The only Pearl Earrings that I would Stay Away From, is the Normal Pearl Studs. Single Pearls tend to look too Common and Boring. Something more Blinging, Dressy, and Different Works Best! See Images Below

Precious Gemstones

Lastly… A Little Color goes a Long Way. If you want to Add some Color to the Earrings (And to Match your Bridesmaid’s Dresses), Sapphire is my #1 Choice. A Bright Distinct Blue Sapphire with Diamonds is Dazzling (But Sapphires also come in Every Color of the Rainbow) Sapphire, which is Corundum (Same Stone as Ruby) is Wonderful because it’s the Second Most Durable Gemstone there is other than Diamond.

Some Ladies also Wear Rubies and Emerald as well (The other Two Precious Gemstones). But I wouldn’t Add too much Color… Just enough to Stand out.

Color Adds Character, Personality, and hey…

Something Borrowed, Something Blue!

Whatever you do, look for something Beautiful. Ornate. Sparkly. Something that truly makes this Day a Day to Remember.

There are Tons and TONS of Earrings to Choose from.

So let’s take a Peek at some Styles that Work Perfect for that Fairytale Wedding

The only thing left to say, is “I DO!

Enjoy! :)

Beautiful Dangle Diamond Bridal Earrings For The Bride

See, they do take your Breath Away!

Whether they be Fun, Romantic, Dreamy, or Stunning, Earrings always Finish off the Wardrobe.

Find some Wonderful Bridal Earrings HERE on Amazon!

Cheers and Congrats!

Here Comes the Bride Now… :)

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