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Cool Star Wars BB-8 Droid Ring

“Beep Boop Beep!”

I am Excited!

I am a Big Star Wars Fan and I Love Love Love the Star Wars Universe.

So when I happened across this Kick-Ass Cool Ring at ThinkGeek, I had to show it off…

It’s an Exclusive Ring that’s Shaped just like the Lovable NEW Droid called BB-8 (Appropriately named because of the Shape of the Droid) and it’s coming to your Finger!

Made of 316L Stainless Steel (Durable and Tarnish-Free), this Ring is Beautifully Detailed and out of this Galaxy!

It’s Officially-Licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merchandise, that comes in Ring Sizes 6-11 (Whole Sizes Only).

Take a Peek…

BB-8 Stainless Steel Droid Ring

It’s so Cool…


The Price is only $39.99

It Won’t Last Long!

Get the Droid Before it Rolls Away

And Check out all the other Awesome Star Wars Jewelry at Think Geek Today!

Beep Boop Beep Boop!

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4 Comments on BUY THIS RING, YOU MUST!

  1. Very cute!! We love Star Wars too! In fact, we stood in miles-long lines inside the big mall where we lived in the Hampton Roads area of Southeastern Virginia in 1977 to see the very first one SEVEN TIMES to go watch it! In fact, we actually stood in those lines twice for almost every time we went! Once was to actually purchase our tickets for the FOLLOWING showing, because the current showing sold out the last time! Then, we had to kill time – shop, eat dinner, etc., – before our turn came around to go stand in line for seats! They crammed us in to every single seat every time, of course, with multiple ushers helping to get people seated. One time we even got put in the very front row (terrible seating for a wide screen movie!) and we left with neckaches from having to keep swiveling our heads back and forth to watch the movie. BUT, we had scads of fun doing it! Once we even took my mom, and she loved it too! Fun fun fun!! Ahh the good old days…..
    Anyway, that’s not the only reason I’m taking up your time today ~ I wanted to show you another great creation of a Star Wars R2-D2 type ring! Now, its not $39.99 and it doesn’t go “Beep boop” but YOU will go “WOW!” when you see it, I bet! It’s here Paul Michael Design
    And boy is it a doozy! Custom made to fit and is it ever an eye catcher!

  2. Ah, so you did! Silly me – I shoulda known you’d have been light-years ahead of me on that one! Oh well – maybe this will put him back in the eye of someone else reading this conversation! You never can tell!
    And, yes I had seen some of the others on his site just before I sent the link to you (you said “I got the link to work” – didn’t the one I sent work?) but I hadn’t seen all of it.
    Anyway – what’s the saying? No harm – no foul? See ya!!

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