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A great point was brought up the other day by Elizabeth “Beth Anne“.

I was on Twitter talking about my last post VVS versus VS. I posted the question:

“Would you choose VS or VVS?”

Her response was positive, fresh and enlightening.

She said:

Buy what you fall in love with!

What a great reply.

It made me stop and think. It’s so true.

For those of us who work with diamond rings daily, we are always concerned about quality and the 4 C’s. We look at color, and clarity all the time. We judge a diamond by the grades and tiny imperfections in the stone. A blemish here. A pinpoint there. We microscope the diamonds and analyze the girdle, culet and little triangular shaped patterns (called Trigons).

But how often do we take a step back and look at the big picture?

How often do we actually look at a ring from the eyes of a customer?

Love and romance speak volumes

What do couples in love see? They see the beauty of the stone. They see their futures. A connection. A bond that can’t be broken. They see the beginning of a wonderful life together, and all this comes from the beauty of a ring.

When women shop for diamond rings, they usually don’t worry about all the technical aspects of a diamond.

Crown height?

Who cares.

They want to wear a ring because it’s pretty and sparkles and looks wonderful on their fingers. Something dazzling that makes their heart race. A ring that represents love. It’s full of desire and meaning and marriage and white picket fences.

They want a ring they fall in love with.

Not: “I see black spots.”

Usually the only time that women get concerned about quality is if the diamond has noticeable flaws in it. Like a yellow hue, a large crack or black spots that you can see with the eye.

Women don’t want to look at flaws the rest of their life. They want a diamond that’s breathtaking. They want to get lost in a sea of sparkles.

It doesn’t matter if the stone is a VVS clarity diamond. It doesn’t matter if it’s VS or SI (although it matters hugely in price). It just has to be beautiful. That’s the only priority.

It must be stunning and spectacular.

If the ring looks grand, who cares what the chart says?

Who cares if it comes with a laminated diamond report?

Who cares if the finish is excellent?

It’s all about beauty.

(But at the same time, the better the diamond, the more beautiful it is.)

It’s love.

It’s what you heart tells you.

Listen to it.

If you love how the ring looks on your finger – Buy it.

If you love how it makes you feel – Buy it.

Nothing else truly matters.

If you love it – Buy it.

And only when you absolutely love it, and it’s the ring that you’ve always dreamed of, then you should maybe take a closer look at quality.

Just to be sure that it’s not totally bad.

After all, you don’t want a diamond that’s so thin it will chip or break easily. You also shouldn’t get a diamond that’s too deep that it looks dull or dark in the center.

Look at quality, just don’t get overwhelmed with it. Strive to get something at least halfway decent (SI1 or higher, G-H or higher). It doesn’t need to be great, but it should face up well (no apparent flaws to the eye).

And, if it does have flaws, no biggie. You can always upgrade the diamond later. Get a better clarity or color. You’re not stuck with a diamond…

But you do have to love it. If you don’t love it, why bother?

Quality is not always first on the list

Buy a diamond by how it looks. Never buy one based solely upon the certificate or a certain clarity or color.

You could have an extremely high clarity like VVS, with an equally impressive color like E, but understand this: that diamond could look lifeless or lack light and brilliance. A diamond of SI2 clarity, G color could actually look better. It’s all about the way light interacts with the stone. It’s about cut and carat weight and all of the 4C’s combined.

So buy a diamond based upon visual appearance.

Buy a diamond ring that you love.

Buy one that you fall in love with.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to know what the quality is. You should learn about it so you know what it is you’re buying. That’s just shopping smart. But quality is not the most important issue.

Beauty is.

How beautiful is the diamond?

How stunning does it look?

That’s always the main selling point.

One that you will see on your hand forever.

Love always comes first.

See more SI1+, G-H+, ideal diamonds here.

Cheers! :)

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