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Can Diamond Testers Be Wrong?

Can diamond testers be wrong?

Can diamond testers be fooled?


You can have a stone that’s not a diamond beep just like a diamond.

In fact, a lot of jewelry stores and customers in the last ten years have probably bought diamonds that weren’t real, and never knew it!

Likewise, you can test a genuine diamond in a ring, and have it buzz like it’s not a real stone.

Diamond testers are not perfect, and there are many ways they fail:

  • The battery inside the unit may be dying
  • You could accidentally hit a prong
  • The so-called diamond could be a Moissanite
  • The tip could be loose, bent or worn down

Maybe the tester got wet? A little spilled coffee?

Maybe the batteries were corroded?

Maybe you’re pushing too hard on the tester, or you have it bent at an odd angle…

You just never know!

Often I’ll test a stone a couple of times just to be sure. And if the stone is questionable, I’ll probably check it with 2 diamond testers just to be positive.

Because a faulty or wrong reading could cost you thousands!

Moissanite stones:

Moissanite reads like a diamond on old testers. Moissanites are man-made diamond look-a-likes that started showing up on the market about 20 years ago. These stones actually did test positive for a diamond on testers that the jewelers had.

Many stones raised a few eyebrows because they didn’t look quite right. Many jewelers would loupe the stones, look at the brilliance and light distribution and really debate if the stones were real or not. The tester said it was, but their appearance made them doubt the reading.

Plus, these new Moissanite stones weren’t as white as most diamonds were (they are now). They had a yellowish tint to them which helped raise more concern. I remember customers trying to sell these created diamonds to us as natural diamonds

And I’m sure a lot of jewelers at that time unsuspectingly bought them and then resold them as well.

Who knew?

Only after reading about the up-and-coming Moissanites, what they were, and how they needed a different diamond tester to accurately read them did jewelers order them in. Regular testers tested stones for thermal conductivity (the transference of heat). The new diamond/Moissanite testers test for electrical conductivity. This separates the diamonds from the Moissanites.

It really was a scary thing!!!

Diamond testers COULD be fooled!

The stone could be a Moissanite, a diamond or something entirely different.

You could have a Moissanite in your ring right now and never know it!

Unless your local jeweler has an up-to-date diamond tester that also tests for Moissanite, you could be in for a little surprise.

Both kinds of diamond testers are on the market today. If you’re buying a stone or selling a stone, it may be wise to have it tested. Ask them if their tester accurately identifies Moissanites. Moissanite stones are NOT the same price as genuine diamonds (see Moissanites HERE on Amazon). They are usually about half the price.

You could buy a tester for yourself if you’re questioning your stone, or questioning the purchase or even the jeweler.

Cheap beeps:

Cheap testers, that test for only diamond, run around $15 and up. Testers that also test for Moissanite might run up to $100. But, when we’re talking about stones that could be in the thousands, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Pick one up at Amazon today!

Cheers! :)

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  1. I have a set of diamond earnings and I needed cash to fix my tire. So I went to my local pawn shop and they tested them and said inconclusive. I have the receipt and warranty showing they are real. I got them from helzberg diamonds. I went to helzberg a little upset so they sent them in to make sure and they were real. They were absolutely positively 100% real. So I just wanted to have a little test and I took them back to the pawn shop not to sell but to see if there testers were wrong. My earings tested inconclusive again. I forgot to mention I took in my Leo diamond in and the pawn shop tested that one and it said fake this time. On my request they tried a second tester and it said fake. What is up with these testers? Why are they showing different results? They look identical to helzberg diamonds testers.

    • Hi Saundra. I would have to guess that the testers the pawn shop is using, is old, broken, or they’re doing it purposefully. I would take it to other jewelers and have them test it, they’ll be able to tell you if they’re fake or not. -Richard

  2. Leah R Gonsalves // November 26, 2020 at 11:19 pm // Reply

    I have a white gold ring thatnlooks about three carats and it had a U stamped on the inside w arrows on both sides and a nine with a line under it what does that mean

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