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Can Guys Wear More than One Piece of Jewelry at the Same Time?

“More than one?”

This is funny to even talk about, but hey, men want to know if it’s okay to wear more than one piece of jewelry at a time.

Can they wear both a bracelet and a necklace?

How about an earring, pinky ring or chain?

Are there guidelines or limits to what a guy can wear that is acceptable and won’t look so, well, sparkly?


No guidelines.

No rules.

Nothing cast in stone.

Every guy is different. Most guys wear 2 pieces of jewelry all the time as it is:

A wedding ring and a watch.

I see nothing wrong with them also wearing a necklace or a bracelet as well.

Why not?

It’s only 4 pieces…

No big deal.

You’re still balanced, an item on each arm, a chain and a men’s ring…

It’s a great combo. Nothing’s touching. Nothing’s clanking around. It all works fine and dandy.

Times are much different nowadays than they used to be. Guys today don’t think much about old styles, old generations and what other people think. They wear multiple necklaces, earrings in both ears, rope bracelets, silver rings on each and every finger, anklets even, pearl necklaces, grillz, and who knows how many body parts pierced in stainless steel

You have to feel comfortable with it.

The point is, wear what you like and what you feel comfortable with. No one can make that decision for you. It’s an individual preference. A personal statement (like getting a tattoo). If you want to wear a couple of pieces, do so. If you want to be adorned from head to toe in gold like King Tut, then go for it.

You are the only one that you need to please. Don’t worry about what other guys wear or what someone else says is proper.

Jewelry is an expression.

Only you can decide what’s enough for you.

Me, I wear a diamond earring, a link bracelet, a watch, and a ring at all times.

And I wear all different types of metals too: platinum, white gold, yellow gold, tungsten, titanium, sterling silver and stainless steel (I’ve got all the metals covered).

See some cool men’s jewelry here

It all depends on what I’m wearing (casual or dressy).

I also have a gold tie chain that I wear with a suit. Do I care if it’s appropriate or fits into someone else’s ideal image or standards?


I like it. They can wear what they want to wear and I’ll do the same.

I recommend this approach for everyone.

Wear what you want.

Easy as that.

Now if only I can decide what to get pierced next

Cheers! :)

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