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Can You Stretch A Diamond Ring?

He Bends! He Stretches…!

Jewelers Stretch Rings all the Time to Size them up.

It’s Common with Gold Bands (like 10k, 14k, 18k), and it only takes a Minute or Two to Accomplish.

Most people need to only take a Ring up 1/4 Size or 1/2 Size anyway, and Stretching them is Quick and Painless.


This Technique is generally only Good for PLAIN Gold Bands!

If a Ring has a Design, Engraving or Pattern to it, then Stretching that Wedding Ring may Result in a Stretched or Distorted Pattern.

It Could Ruin it!

Rings like this are Questionable and a Jeweler will need to look at them to Determine if it can be done or not.

Stretching is usually only Advised on Plain Bands only!

But What About Diamonds?

So what if your Lovely Little Ring has Diamonds in it? Can they be Stretched as well?


Well, er, I would not Attempt it!

Diamonds and Gemstones can’t be Bent, or Pulled, or Stretched. It would only Harm the Stones and more than likely Break or Shatter them.

Especially if the Diamonds are in a Channel Setting, where the Diamonds sit next to one another. Odds are Great that putting that Ring on a Jeweler’s Tool called a Ring Sizer (Like this one Shown on Amazon), the Edges of the Stones would Overlap and Crush each other.

If a Ring has any kind of Intricate Pattern or Design, or if it Holds any Diamonds or Gemstones, it’s always Better to have the Ring Sized like Normal.

Some Diamond Rings, like Solitaire Settings or Cathedral Settings might be able to be Stretched to Fit. The Jeweler will make this Decision upon Viewing the Ring.

See image below of Rings you Can and Can’t Stretch to Size…

Rings you Can and Can't Stretch to Size!

The Normal Process of Sizing

The usual way a Jeweler Sizes a Diamond Ring are this: They First Determine if any Stones need to be Removed before Sizing. If so, they take them out. They then Clamp the Ring down, Cut the Shank with a Jeweler’s Saw, carefully open the Ring up Slightly to the Desired Size.

Then they Add in a Section of Gold (or whatever Metal it is) and Solder, File, Shape and Polish the Ring up again. You should not be able to tell the Ring was ever Sized in the First Place (Not See any Sizing Marks). If the Jeweler is Good Enough, they should Leave No Trace Whatsoever of your Ring ever being worked on. :)

Stretching Only Works If…

Stretching should not be the End All of Ring Sizings. Which means, if you have it done, only have it done 1/4 Size or 1/2 Size up. Sure Jewelers can Stretch Rings Bigger like 3/4 Size or even 1 Full Size up, but you might end up Doing Extreme Damage to the Ring’s Structure.

Stretching could Weaken the Metal, cause Visible Stretch Marks, or Leave Distortions or Dips in the Metal. Care must be Taken. If your Ring needs to be Sized up more than that…

Shoot for a Traditional Sizing

Stretching may be Quick and Cheap

But not if it Breaks your Stones or Damages your Band!

Talk to your Jeweler. Each Ring is Different and Might Result in a Different Course of Action.

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