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Can you Tighten up Screw Back Earrings?

“I LOVE Screw Backs!”

Lots of People Love Screw Back Earrings.

They’re the Most Popular Earring Back you can get on Expensive Earrings like Diamond Stud Earrings (Like these Beautiful Diamond Stud Earrings HERE!).

Safe And Secure!

People and Jewelers tend to put Screw Backs on Earrings because they are Safer and more Protective.

I mean, no one wants to Lose a Diamond do they?

But, Believe it or Not, with Screw Backs, a lot of people DO Lose their Diamonds. And it’s all because of the Posts and Backs and of course, Carelessness!

Check Them or Lose Them!

See, most people Don’t Check their Earrings at all! They put them in their Ears and Wear them to Death!

They Very Rarely Clean Them (Which is Gross!), they never take them to a Jeweler to get them Inspected, they never make sure the Backs are Tight and the Threads on the Posts are strong…

They take them for Granted and that’s why most Lose their Diamonds!

What to look for?

I Say Inspect Them!

Check the Backs. Are they Snug? Do they Rotate Tightly? Do they Slide Off? Do they Wobble? Are the Posts Bent? Worn? Are the Threads Worn Down like Tires on a Car?

These are Indicators that you’ve got to Notice! If you’re not sure what to look for, stop into a Jeweler. It only takes a second or two to Inspect them and Clean them. Better Safe than Sorry!

So what can you do if your Backs are Loose?

What can be done with them? Can Screw Back Earrings be Fixed or Repaired? Are Jewelers able to Tighten up Loose Earring Backs again so you don’t Lose your Beautiful Diamonds?

Generally, NO!

Once the Backs Wear Down, once the Posts become Stripped or Spin Off too Easily…

Then those Backs are Pretty Useless!

It’s Time To Replace Them!

When your Backs are in Bad Condition, it’s Time to Replace Them (There really is no way to just Solder Gold onto them. They’re Pretty much Scrap.)

So take your Earrings into a Local Jeweler to get New Screw Backs (or my Favorite Backs – Locking Back Earrings) for them. Sometimes this works like a Charm. But other times it’s not so Easy!

You see, they make so many Different Sized Threads, Posts and Backs. Which means, the Odds that the Jeweler would carry your Exact Back that you need for your Exact Post is Slim.

Sure they could Order them. But until they come in, you still don’t know if they’ll truly Fit or not. Measuring the MM size of the Post helps, but from looking at a Picture in a Vendor’s Catalog and placing an Order you’ll just never really know.

It’s always a Gamble!

You could Waste a Week of your Time and still not have the proper Backs to Fit your Earrings.

So what is the Best Advice?

If they don’t have the Exact Screw Back in Stock to Fit your Earring, and if they’re Unsure of its fit, (especially if you didn’t Buy the Earring from them) then have them do this…

Order NEW Posts AND Backs!

Order them together as a Matching Set!

Replace BOTH the Earrings Backs and the Earring Posts together, so your Earrings will look Brand New again!

Why Do I Advise Replacing Everything?

Because if your Backs are Worn and Loose, then your Posts and Threads will be Worn as well. It’s just Common Sense. They Wear Down Together!

Replacing them both at the same time Assures that the Backs you get are made Exactly for the Posts you Buy. They’re normally Sold as Sets anyways (Plus they’re usually Cheaper this way! BONUS!)

Buy them Both!

Have them put New Backs and Posts on.

That way you won’t have to Worry about your Earrings being Worn, Loose, Bent, Stripped, or Slipping Off…

And more than anything, you won’t have to Worry about Losing your Beautiful Diamond Studs!

Trust me, it’s Worth Every Penny!

Cheers! :)

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