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Celebrity Engagement Rings

We love watching Celebrities and never more than when they are contemplating marriage.

Their incredible weddings, often held secretly for privacy, are the subject of endless speculation. What dress will she choose? How will her hair be styled? Will he stay traditional with a tuxedo?

Of course, the speculation starts long before the ceremony with the appearance of the Engagement Ring!

While most of us cannot afford to duplicate celebrity engagement rings, we often imitate them.

Here are some descriptions of notable celebrity engagement rings that have generated interest in the past.

Big Name Celebrity Rings

  • Princess Diana/Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles/Prince William. This may be the most famous engagement ring ever. It made its first appearance on the finger of Lady Diana Spencer when she became engaged to Prince Charles. According to legend, Lady Di was shown a tray with several possible engagement rings and she chose “the biggest one.” She wore it proudly until her divorce and at her death it passed to her oldest son, William, who eventually gave it to his fiancée. Today, Kate wears it as a symbol of the love of the next generation of Windsors. The ring is a beautiful sapphire fringed by diamonds and cost $45,000 in 1980. Today, it is probably worth nearly $136,000.
  • Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias. This $2.5 million ring features a beautiful pink pear-cut diamond along with two trillion stones on the side.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. The popular star gave his bride-to-be a lovely vintage marquise-shaped white diamond ring with 28 smaller stones set around the central 10-carat stone. Known as the “Fred Leighton vintage” ring, this set has a 1920s feel in its classic beauty.
  • Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis. He was one of the richest men in the world at the time he married the widow of former president John F. Kennedy, and “Ari” chose a ring that would match his perceived status. The Lesotho III 40-carat ring features a square-cut diamond as well as diamond “feathers” surrounding a beautiful emerald. It was one of only 16 stones cut from a single 601-carat diamond from South Africa. Valued at $2.6 million, it was worn only twice before being locked in a vault for safekeeping.
  • Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. In keeping with this star’s “bling” collecting reputation, this $4 million diamond is 8.5 carats and is mounted on a delicate metal base by Neil Lane, “Jeweller to the Stars.”
  • Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco. When Grace Kelly fulfilled every little girl’s dream of marrying a handsome prince, she did so with a Cartier 10.5-carat ring on her finger. Flanked by two baguettes, this ring is a symbol of classic elegance and is valued today at $4.6 million.
  • Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton. When Paris the man asked Paris the woman to marry, he offered her a 24-carat white gold ring with a rectangular stone in the center. The couple later split but she put the ring to good use: it was auctioned and the money donated to help Katrina victims.
  • Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. One of the most famous couples in history married twice, once in 1964 and once in 1975. Her engagement ring is said to be one of the most expensive in history, a 33.19-carat asscher-cut Type IIa diamond valued at $8.8 million.

Celebrity Engagement Ring Photos

Take a look at these wonderful and large Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Would you love to wear a ring like these?

Many people would.

Where to Start

Custom Design a Celebrity Knockoff Engagement Ring

If you want to build your own Celebrity Look-a-like, or Knock off, then you’ll need to start with the center stone first, the main Diamond, the main attraction. Once you purchase the Loose Stones, then you can find a mounting similar to the Stars, or you can have a Jeweler Custom Design a ring to fit those particular Diamonds.

And finding a beautiful Diamond like the ones shown above isn’t impossible. It all comes down to Money and Carat Weight! The bigger the Diamond, the heftier the Price!

My Recommendation

I would recommend sticking with a little bit smaller stones, i.e. 1.00 Carat, or 2.00 Carat (not that those are anywhere close to being small), versus the 8.00 Carat-2 Million kind! (unless you’re just loaded with money) The price difference will be ASTRONOMICAL… And you can still obtain that same exact look!

One particular Jeweler that can help you out, and save you some dough at the same time, is Bob’s Watches. They have a very impressive Diamond Inventory that you just need to see to believe.

Well known for their Rolex Watch Selection, this company also offers a huge Loose Diamond Collection with over 19,000 Diamonds to choose from (at the time of this post), and at a fraction of the price (see here).

Here are some of the great examples of Big Diamonds at Great Prices!

Celebrity Engagement Rings

And if you are wondering, yes they do have Rolex Watches that incorporate Diamonds as well! Here are just a few of the beautiful Diamond Studded Rolex Watches they specialize in…

Rolex Presidential Diamond Jubilee

This Watch is an 18k Yellow Gold model with Rolex Diamond Bezel set 52 diamonds and Diamond Lugs set with 32 Diamonds (36mm).

Rolex Presidential Diamond Jubilee

Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster 80299

This Watch is sure to turns heads. 18k White Gold case set with full 32 Diamond Bezel (29mm). This is the perfect Watch for any Woman who desires unparalleled Elegance and Precision.

Rolex Lady Datejust Pearlmaster 80299

Now those will make you look like a Celebrity!

I know you want one! :)

And if you’re a Celebrity… Make that two or three! HA! ;)

So pick up a few Diamonds, and have fun creating your own Celebrity Knock Off! :)

P.S. Does this Ring make me look Engaged? :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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