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Compare Lab Grown Diamonds To Nature Made Earth Diamond Prices

Let’s compare…

Nature made (Earth) VS man-made (Lab).

Both are identical. Both are REAL diamonds. Both look the same, are graded the same, have the exact same chemical composition and DNA… But the biggest difference is the PRICE.

Lab grown diamonds are cheaper.


Well, right now, they’re about 30-50% of the normal price of an Earth made stone. That’s quite a savings.

Not only does this savings make diamonds more affordable, but it also allows you to get yourself a bigger diamond, for much less than you ever thought possible. Get that 3.00 carat diamond. No one would ever know, except yourself. It’s not like a CZ, which is a fake stone that will dull up or appear different, more colorful. No! Lab grown diamonds are the real deal. Just like a test tube baby, there is no difference.

Compare the prices below:

.75 CT, SI1, E, $1,160 VIEW .75 CT, SI1, E, $2,350 VIEW
1.00 CT, VS1, G, $2,170 VIEW 1.00 CT, VS1, G, $4,930 VIEW
1.25 CT, VS2, F, $2,440 VIEW 1.25 CT, VS2, F, $7,730 VIEW
1.50 CT, SI1, E, $3,460 VIEW 1.50 CT, SI1, E, $8,620 VIEW
1.75 CT, VS1, F, $5,330 VIEW 1.75 CT, VS1, F, $17,270 VIEW
2.00 CT, SI1, E, $6,660 VIEW 2.00 CT, SI1, E, $13,420 VIEW
2.25 CT, VS2, F, $7,850 VIEW 2.25 CT, VS2, F, $19,760 VIEW
2.50 CT, VS2, F, $7,870 VIEW 2.50 CT, VS2, F, $25,150 VIEW
2.75 CT, VVS2, F, $13,890 VIEW 2.75 CT, VVS2, F, $34,280 VIEW
3.00 CT, SI1, E, $14,390 VIEW 3.00 CT, SI1, E, $27,710 VIEW

(Prices good at the time of this post.)

It’s the perfect time to buy!

Get an identical looking engagement ring, one will last you a lifetime, look just as beautiful, have just as much sparkle and brilliance and fire… and save a ton of money at the same time.

See all of the lab grown diamonds here at James Allen.

Only you will know it’s created in a laboratory (meaning months VS thousands of years).

They look the same, test the same, are the same. Lab grown diamonds, because of they way they are grown today, are the perfect alternative to expensive Earth made stones.

See for yourself!

You’ll never know the difference. Except in your bank account!

Cheers! :)

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