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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Create A Ring As Unique As You

Which sounds better?

A) Buying a mass-produced cookie-cutter engagement ring. Or…

B) Creating your own unique diamond ring.

I’m sure we’ll all agree that the unique ring sounds better, of course.

But did you know, there are many great reasons why picking out your own diamond and own mounting is beneficial?

Let’s take a look at them…

It’s Unique:

Yes, if you pick the size and shape and quality of stone you want, and then choose the mounting of your desire, you’ll be making it 100% unique.

No one else will ever own that same exact combination.

I mean, who wants to see their ring on another girl’s finger?

Choosing and putting them together yourself makes it yours, and yours alone.

Better Quality:

When you choose your own diamond, you’ll always, 99% of the time, get something bigger and better than any pre-set ring. Usually rings that are set up in advance are lower quality (focused more on looks, ease of shopping, and financing).

But picking a diamond out by hand forces you to be more choosy about that particular stone. It allows you to microscope the diamond and view it from all angles. It lets you analyze the cut, the polish, the symmetry, girdle, culet…

And usually, you’ll end up with a much nicer stone, with way more sparkle, brilliance and fire.


By microscoping your diamond, seeing it from all sides under intense magnification, you’ll be able to identify your stone. Get familiar with it. See the flaws, where they reside, compare them to the diamond plot (on a GIA certificate). You’ll be able to read the inscription on the side of the stone. You’ll be able to spot your diamond in a crowd. Which helps prevent diamond switching.

If you get into the habit of viewing your diamond before and after you drop it off at a jewelry store for sizing, polishing, re-tipping, repairs, you’ll be able to know if you got your exact diamond back. It’s peace of mind. It’s something everyone should do.

GIA Certification:

Most pre-made rings are NOT certified. Meaning, the jeweler could tell you anything about the diamond, and you’d just have to believe them. This is not a wise move

Certification removes all doubt. It’s a third party that grades and confirms the color, clarity, carat weight and cut (all the things that make up the price of a diamond). And the best company to do this is GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). They wrote the book on diamonds, they devised the 4C’s grading system. But do note, that if your diamond is Hearts and Arrows, or True Hearts, then it will be graded by AGS (the only other company I recommend that specializes in the best cuts in the world). I don’t advise buying IGI or EGL.


Believe it or not, hand-picking your diamond and mounting often saves you tons of money.

This is because many mall stores have high rent and nationwide branding. You pay for that. They push interest free financing and service plans that are voided if you miss one inspection…

But if you shop online (where diamond dealers have little or no overhead), you’ll not only save money, but get a much better product, ring, and quality of diamond.

Compare the two diamond rings below:

Compare Engagement Rings at Kay Jewelers And James Allen

Kay Jeweler’s 1.50 Princess Cut Diamond Ring.

James Allen 1.50 Princess Cut Diamond, and the 14k White Gold Solitaire Mounting.

The ring at James Allen is much higher in color and clarity (and that’s the real diamond you see, the one at Kays is a stock-photo). James Allen’s is also ideal cut (Kays doesn’t list the cut, polish, or symmetry).

So buying the same type of ring at James Allen will save you $6,000. Crazy, eh?

Selecting a ring by hand, lets you choose the type of metal you want; 14k, 18k, rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum… It lets you select the proper shape of stone that fits your personality (round, square, tear drop, oval, cushion…). It creates a one-of-a-kind ring that no one else has, with a better quality, and a better price.

I advise buying SI1 or higher in clarity, and G-H or higher in color. That way you get a white diamond with no visible flaws. And yes, always try for “excellent” cut, or True Hearts if you can. After all, that’s what makes a diamond sparkle!

Take a look at James Allen and all their different engagement ring mountings. Then find the diamond of your dreams, and let the fairy tale begin.

Create Your Own Unique Engagement Ring
Cheers! :)

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James Allen

James Allen

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James Allen

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Blue Nile

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