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Jewelry Store Credit Limits Make You Spend More

Charge It!

Financing is a way of life at the jewelry store.

But it can also be tricky.

On one hand, I love it, it helps me sell more jewelry. In fact, I use it as a selling tool

Especially with engagement rings. Customers who are looking at rings, and sitting on the buying fence, will lead me to say things like:

Why don’t we just fill out a quick application and see what your credit limit is?

Generally customers will say “SURE“, because it takes the heat off them to make a Yes or No decision. It overcomes that difficult moment.

So I check their limit, and if it’s good, if it’s high, I’ll come back to the counter and say something like:

You’re all approved, do you want us to wrap it up for you?

“YES” is usually the Response

So never did the customer actually say “Yes I’ll take it…” Rather, they just said “YES” to wrap it up.

:) See how that works?


Here’s something else that works…


Because if their limit is high, chances are, the customer will SPEND MORE!

Let’s say they decided on an engagement ring selling for $2,500. I’ll say:

“They’re approved you for 6 grand, do you want to look at that more expensive engagement ring you liked and see what the payments are?”

It works like a charm.

People are easy to upsell because of their limits.

So while it benefits salespeople and the jewelry store, and it may also benefit the customer (for they’ll be able to get a much bigger and better ring than they ever imagined)…

You have to be Careful!

Sure interest free financing sounds incredibly tempting. And sure a $6,000 ring will “WOW” her…

But you still have to make the payments (And don’t ever miss a payment or be late, because you’ll default into a very high interest bearing account)…

It could be out of your Budget

If you’re thinking about financing options, decide on your pocket book limits first. See what feels comfortable to you, doesn’t stress you out, you don’t want to be maxed.

Because it needs to be affordable. Just because banks (and stores) offer you more, doesn’t mean you should take it.

Set a Budget

Stick to it.

Everyone wants that “OMG” moment when you get down on one knee and open the box…

But trust me, you have an entire life to upgrade. You don’t need to do it all in one day.


The average engagement ring sale is just $3,000…

Credit limits are awesome, and helpful, but don’t overextend yourself.

Be careful.

She’ll still love you.

And the ring.

But she sure won’t like the debt.

Cheers! :)

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