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Cut Your Tennis Bracelet Down To Fit

Let’s Face it, everyone’s Wrist are Different Sizes.

Some are Bony, some are Regular, some are Extra Thick.

It’s just the way things are!

Happily, your Jewelry doesn’t have to Suffer.

Tennis Bracelets, either Diamond or Gemstone, usually come in a Standard Size 7″, or even a 7.5″. But did you know that you can also Order these in Larger Sizes, like an 8″ or a 9″?

You can!

Plus, some Styles of Bracelets will be a Little Longer or Shorter anyway Depending on the Length of the Links. See below…

Tennis Bracelet Sizes and Lengths!

But, this only Helps if you have a “Healthy” Wrist.

What if your Wrist is Small?

If your Wrist is Thin and Bony, the Bracelet will just Hang Low, Flop Around, get Caught on Things, Turn Over, and Even Slide Right Off your Wrist.

That’s Not Good!

One Reader Named Leigh Wrote in and Asked:

I Received a Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet for Christmas, it’s way to Big, can it be Sized Down?

So What’s My Response?


Yes you can get the Bracelet Cut Down, and you can even use your Extra Links! :)

You see, Most People don’t Realize this, but Jewelers can Alter Bracelets to Fit just like they do Rings. They can Cut the Bracelet down to Size so it will Fit your Wrist Properly.

Then, if you like (and I Highly Recommend), you can take the Extra Pieces, Links and Chunk of Bracelet Left Over, and Create Something New and Different with it. Like for Example: Earrings!

Make Matching Earrings

It’s Such a Cool Idea. All the Jeweler has to do is to Cut the Remainder Parts in Half, Add on an Earring Post and Voila, you have a Matching Set! :) Like so…

Make your Extra Tennis Bracelet Links into Earrings!

What a Better Way to Compliment that Cool Tennis Bracelet! Two Gifts in One! :)

What’s the Cost?

Check with your Jewelry Store on the Actual Cost of Making these Earrings. I would Assume it would be around $100-$200, Depending on the Style of Bracelet, the Amount of Time and Labor it takes, the Type of Gemstones you have (some have to be totally Removed before any Work can be Done), and of Course, the New Pieces and Parts Needed to make the Earrings.

But still… Matching Accessories!

That You Can’t Beat! :)

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  1. Sandra Patricia Daly // August 13, 2020 at 9:21 pm // Reply

    I have a rhodium plated lab created pink sapphire bracelet and it is 7.5 too big I have a 6.5 size wrist…can a jeweler make it smaller and is it worth it and how much if they could.

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