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Fancy Pink Diamond Showing Half A-Bow-Tie

A Reader Writes in and Asks Me a



I read your Bow-Tie Article.

My Question is, What if there is only one “Tie” on one Side?

This is Regarding a Large, Pink, Expensive Diamond, Oval Shaped (Like these Here).

Thank you, Margie


Interesting Question. One that I’ve Never Run across or seen.

I would Imagine that the Oval Diamond is Not Perfectly Proportioned, like one side of the Diamond may be a Bit Shallower (or Deeper) than the other Side. Most Diamonds are far from being Perfectly Cut anyways! But being Uneven on one Side would Fade the Bow-Tie and make it Less Apparent.

At the same time, it is much Harder to Judge Fancy Colored Diamonds than White ones. The Color of the Diamond may be Hiding the Bow-Tie Effect as well. Fancy Colored Diamonds are Quite Rare, especially Large Pink Diamonds, and they are in a Class all by themselves.

Jewelers tend to Sell Fancy Colored Diamonds more for the Unusual Color than the Cut or Clarity of the Stone!

Does it Affect the Beauty?

The Question I would ask Myself in this Instance is this: Does it Affect the Beauty of the Diamond?

Is the Bow-Tie Obvious? Distracting? Does the Diamond Look Funny with only Half a Bow-Tie? Do other people notice it?

The Diamond should look Balanced. If the Bow-Tie is Not Too Dark, and Does Not affect the Beauty or Sparkle of the Stone, then it’s a Non-Issue. Hopefully it doesn’t Stand out like a Sore Thumb!

Most people don’t know what a Bow-Tie looks like anyway. All in all, I would think a Large Pink Diamond would be a Great Purchase for any Diamond Lover.

Lastly, make sure you get it Certified (Hopefully by GIA). I would Highly Recommend that!


Thank you so much for your Quick Answer to my Question. My Sister searched for about 2 Years for a Pink Diamond to her liking and finally found this one. The Diamond was set in Specially Designed Setting. She Wore the Ring for Months Before noticing this Mark on the Side of the Stone. When she took it Back to the Jeweler to Clean, thinking it was Dirt under the Setting, she was told it was a Bow-Tie.

It is Very Obvious when Pointed out. We don’t Understand how it was Not Noticed before now. Was it always there and we did not Notice it? Or could it have just Formed?

Thank you so much for your VERY Informative Website and Personal Attention to the Questions. I will Recommend it to my Friends!



Hi Margie.

Thank you Very Much for the Kind Words, it means a lot!

In Answer to your Question, YES the Bow-Tie was always there. It was there since the Day the Diamond was Cut, because the Bow-Tie is Formed by Light Entering the Diamond, Bouncing off the Angled Sides and Reflecting back out (Hence the Shadow that’s Created!) I would also Imagine that the Bow-Tie is probably Not as Noticeable when the Diamond is Perfectly Clean as well.

When Diamonds get Dirty or have a Soapy Film on the Bottom of the Diamond, it Stops the Light and Affects the Sparkle and Brilliance. When Diamonds don’t Sparkle as much as they did New, (Clean) then Inclusions, Flaws and the Bow-Tie can be More Apparent. I would say she may just need a Professional Steam Cleaning (You can also Buy One Here!) and it should all be Fine.

Ask Your Question HERE!

I’ll do my Best to Answer it! :)


Understanding Diamond Bow-Ties!

Cheers! :)

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