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Diamond Clarity Matching Game

Let’s play a little Diamond Clarity Game. I’ll give you 12 images of real, microscopic Diamonds, along with 12 GIA Diamond Plots. Your job is to match the right Diamond with the right Plot!

Think you can do it?

I’ll say right here, IT’S NOT EASY!

The images I’ve obtained are from James Allen, which is the ONLY Diamond supplier online to actually show you the genuine stone 10x magnified. The pictures are impressive! But what’s more impressive, is if you can get through this game 100% correct!

I’ve already done one thing to help you, I’ve rotated the Diamonds and the Plots so they are in the correct position and will line up with the Inclusions and Flaws inside the stone. Otherwise it would have been way harder!

Comparing Flaws to a real Diamond takes practice. It’s easier in a microscope where you can adjust the lens up and down to distinguish the imperfections, where a photograph is harder to judge because not all the flaws show up and many are like a fun-house effect and show up 8 times mirrored around the Pavilion.

However, I do feel that tests like this will help you learn Clarity and help you determine one grade over another. It’s just getting used to looking at Inclusions and looking at Diamonds close up.

So enjoy the Game!

You may want to print out this page. Line them up on the counter… I did!

After the 12 images, I will give you the correct answers, aligned up of course. Just no cheating and peeking ahead!

Match the Diamonds like this…

Diamond Clarity Match Game Puzzle

So here we go. 12 Diamonds. 12 Plots.

Get your thinking cap on…

Diamond Clarity Match Game


Diamond Clarity Match Game 1

Diamond Clarity Match Game 2

Diamond Clarity Match Game 3

Diamond Clarity Match Game 4

Diamond Clarity Match Game 5

Diamond Clarity Match Game 6

Diamond Clarity Match Game 7

Diamond Clarity Match Game 8

Diamond Clarity Match Game 9

Diamond Clarity Match Game 10

Diamond Clarity Match Game 11

Diamond Clarity Match Game 12

And Here are the ANSWERS…!

Don’t move ahead unless you’ve tried to match up all the 12 Diamonds and Plots.

Finished your list?

Good, here’s the correct match ups…

Diamond Clarity Match Game Answers

Diamond Clarity SI1 J Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity SI1 J Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity SI2 K Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity SI2 K Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity SI1 I Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity I1 J Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity I1 H Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity SI2 J Diamond-Match

Diamond Clarity SI1 I Diamond Match

Diamond Clarity VS2 K Diamond-Match

Diamond Clarity VS2 J Diamond-Match

Diamond Clarity SI1 E Diamond-Match

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking and matching up all the Diamonds and Plots.

I love looking at them, love comparing them, I never get tired of seeing Flaws and Inclusions! It’s the coolest thing.

Thanks much! :)

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