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Diamond Color E F Coloress

If you look at the GIA diamond color chart (pictured below), and you look to the very top of that list, you’ll see that there is one color group leading the pack… The best color grade on the market:

Colorless diamonds:

Colorless diamonds actually mean that they have no color in them whatsoever. They are pure in tone with no traces of yellow or browns in them that are common in most diamonds today.

Colorless diamonds are the cream of the crop. There is nothing better in the World of color than a Colorless diamond!

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The colorless range is broken down into 3 categories: D, E and F (there is no A, B or C).

D color

D color is the very best color that money can buy. It’s extremely white (exceptional white +), and very rare, which also makes it almost impossible to locate. I love D color, but these premium diamonds will certainly cost you a hefty sum indeed. If you have money to burn, buy them.

E – F color

E and F color is just as excellent and being more affordable and easier to find makes them the perfect diamond color to purchase!

E and F color is a high demand color. Everyone wants them.

E color is considered exceptional white as well, and looks very bright and very white (E is my favorite diamond color there is). F is one small step down and considered rare white. Still as awesome as E, but much more affordable. Take a look at the GIA color grading chart below:

GIA Diamond Color Chart

When you’re dealing with pure white stones, you’ll find that it’s very difficult to tell the differences between them. I mean you are comparing white diamonds to white diamonds. They all look white. Most people can’t see any differences in them at all. And even most jewelers actually need a colorimeter (device for measuring color), or a color grading master set to truly spot any differences. D,E,F color diamonds are stunning, white and very bright. They will take your breath away.

Compare colors:

When I sell diamonds I always push color (or no color), because color is the one thing that most people can see with their naked eye. You can look at near colorless (the next color range down; G, H, I and J) and put them side by side with colorless diamonds (D, E and F) and you will see a difference. You can see off-white or yellow diamonds up against white diamonds. The colorless diamonds will look like they have a spotlight on them. They’re that bright. You will probably never look at near-colorless diamonds the same way again.

Colorless diamonds are magnificent and worth every single penny. I love talking about them, I love showing them. I love to see people’s faces light up when they see them. That’s why I say, don’t hesitate when it comes to buying colorless. D, E or F is the color to buy.

No matter what the clarity of the diamond is that you’re buying (I suggest VS or SI clarity), you should always strive to buy colorless. That combination of clarity and color will make for an exceptional diamond quality that has tons of brilliance, sparkle and fire.


One thing that I will strongly advise here is certification. When dealing with top of the line diamonds, it’s extremely important to make sure you buy a certified diamond (preferably GIA certified… a.ka. GIA diamond report). Being certified guarantees that the colorless diamond that you bought, truly is colorless. It will say so right on the report.

So in a heartbeat, buy colorless diamonds. No color is the best color to buy. E and F is unbelievably beautiful. You must view them. Scope them. Put them side by side with an H or I (most common colors on the market), see the difference for yourself.

It’ll knock your socks off!

Most people’s reaction when they see the color difference is a jaw-dropping “WOW!” (and that’s a big WOW!) They are blown away. Most don’t believe there can be that much of a visual difference in diamonds until they see it with their own eyes.

It’s not like clarity, where you’re dealing with microscopic inclusions that you can’t see with the bare eye… Trust me, you can see if a diamond is brown, yellow or white. You will see the difference in color. Or, in this case, no color.

Check them out. You’ll be very impressed.

Buy them. You’ll be happy you did.

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Cheers! :)

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  1. What about F-G VS2-S11 is that good I am looking at a ring like this

    • That would be a good looking ring. You probably won’t see the difference between F and G, especially with multiple diamonds. And both VS2 and SI1 have microscopic only inclusions, so you won’t see a difference with the bare eye. :) -Richard

  2. Eldrick Yeargin // September 11, 2020 at 11:22 am // Reply

    I was offered VS SI, Diamonds.graded 60% VS, and 40% SI.
    What are your comments.

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