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Diamond Engagement Ring Return Policy


One thing that a lot of Guys don’t think about when they’re Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring is the Return Policy!

She IS going to Say “YES” isn’t She?

Well, there are other Reasons besides the Possibility of her saying “NO” that would get you to Return the Ring…

“I Don’t Like It!”

Maybe the Style of Ring isn’t what she Dreamed of. Or she didn’t like the Quality. What if she doesn’t like the Shape of the Diamond, or just wants a Smaller Stone?

Maybe the Jewelry Store Misrepresented the Quality. What if you found out the Diamond isn’t the Color or Clarity Stated?

Maybe you just Inherited your Grandmother’s Ring and want to use that instead…

You see, there are a lot of Reasons why you may need to Return the Ring.

It also makes it a Valuable Point when you’re out Shopping for Diamond Rings. Granted, every single Jewelry Store’s Policies will be Different, and Comparing Corporate Jewelry Stores to Independent Jewelry Stores could be totally Opposite too. And their Return Policies will all be Different as well. That is why you MUST Find out about their Return Policy is.

The Return Policy

No matter Where you Buy your Diamond, make sure they have a Return Policy. If they don’t have one, I would think Twice about Buying a Ring from them.

But having a Return Policy isn’t Enough. You need to find out what the Terms, Conditions and Time Limits are!

Let’s take a Closer Look…

WHAT can be Returned?

Many times Certain Items CANNOT be Returned! Like the items listed below…

Altercations. Often a Ring that’s been Altered Cannot be Returned. Altering can mean something as simple as Sizing the Ring!

Sizing a Ring can be enough of a Reason to Not Accept a Return. You could be Stuck with it.

Special Orders or Custom Pieces are another item that’s usually Bot Refundable. You Buy it, you Own it. It can’t be Returned!

Some Sales are “Final Sales“, as well as Discounts, Promotions, Inventory Reductions… Double Check with the Store BEFORE you Buy the Item to see if those Deep Discounts are going to Disqualify you from Returning the Ring.

All Sales MAY be Final!

Always Ask Before you Buy!

Return Policy Time Limit

How Long do you have to Return the Ring?

Some Jewelers have NO Time Limit and NO Return Policy! It’s Wise to find out A.S.A.P. Often the Time Limit is as Short as a Week, sometimes it’s as Long as 3 Months.

This may be Fine for most Items, but when you’re Dealing with Engagement Rings, you don’t always give her the Ring Immediately. Guys tend to Wait for the Perfect Moment and often that ends up being AFTER the Time Limit has already Expired.

Not Good!

Know your Limits and use them Wisely.

Do note that a lot of Store’s Return Policies may Change for the Holidays, especially around Christmas time. They will usually EXTEND the Return Policy. So a Diamond Ring that you Buy in October may still be Returned after the Holiday!

Check with the Store to find out.

Know the Condition!

Having a Return Policy is one thing, understanding the Terms is another…

Some Rings can’t be Sized, Engraved, or Soldered Together without Voiding the Policy. Sometimes this means even setting a Diamond in the Mounting. If you Buy the Diamond Loose (which you always should, like these Awesome Diamonds HERE!) and have it Set in a Wedding Set or Engagement Ring, many Stores won’t Return it! The Prongs, Head and Mounting must be Intact.

It’s a Fact, many Guys like to have the Ring Sized ahead of Time and Engraved: This could VOID your Policy too!

Make sure you Understand the Exact Terms and Conditions that the Ring needs to be in, in order to Return it.

Can the Ring be Fully (100%) Returned? Find out!

What happens if she Wears the Ring and Dings it up?

What if she Strikes the Diamond by Accident and Chips the Stone?

Can it be Returned or Exchanged?

Is it Covered?

Also Understand that if you Buy a Certified Diamond (I hope you do), it will come with Paperwork like a Laminated Diamond Report. That Report or Certificate will need to be Returned with the Ring. Reports are Expensive and if you don’t Return it, the store could make you Pay Hundreds of Dollars to Replace it. Return the Report!

Also note that a lot of Policies will State, that if you Buy a Mounting from them, and Buy a Diamond from another Jewelry Store and have it set there, that it could VOID your Return Policy. The Store won’t take it back! Some places won’t Guarantee the Ring if another Jeweler touches it.

What’s the Penalty?

A lot of Stores WILL take a Return… But, will make you Pay a Penalty for it, like a Restocking Fee or a Handling Charge to Cover Re-Sizing the Ring, Polishing out Scratches or any Labor Costs involved. I wouldn’t be Surprised if this was 20%!

Ask if there are any Costs or Hidden Fees. Is the Ring 100% Returnable? Do you get the Tax back?

All good things to know

Plus, what happens if you had an Exchange or Trade-In involved? Policies could Change Dramatically!

What’s the Exchange Policy?

Often a Return Policy isn’t Necessary. Most of the times she’ll be Happy with Picking out a New Diamond or a New Mounting. But you need to find out what the Details of the Exchange Policy are. Is it Even Exchange Only? Do they Require you to Spend the Same or MORE than the Original Purchase?

Sometimes it can be Exchanged for a Lesser Amount. Ask!

Many Stores have an Exchange Policy that’s Longer than the Return Policy. I once worked in a Jewelry Store that offered a 7 Day Return Policy, but had a 30 Day Exchange Policy. Every Store is different.

Also find out what happens to the Difference. Say you Exchange it for Less, do you get the Cash Back? Is it given back in the Form of a Store Credit?

Also note that if you Buy the Ring on a Credit Card, the Return or Exchange will be done on that Credit Card as well. Which means, if she goes into the Jewelry Store to do the Exchange by herself, she may not be able to do it. She may need you (the Credit Card) to go with her.

What’s the Trade In Policy?

What happens if 6 Months down the Road she wants a Different Mounting? Or a Bigger Diamond?

What does the Store do in way of Trade-Ins? How much will they give you for your Rings? 100% of what you Paid? 75%?

It’s a Good Thing to Find out.

Do you have to Spend Double the Money on Trade? (Trade in your $3,500 Ring for a $7,000 Ring?)

Are the Service Plans (like an Extended Service Plan or ESP) Transferable to the New Ring?

The Bottom Line

Slow down when you Buy. Read the Disclaimers and Fine Print. Ask them about their Return Policy, Exchange Policy and Trade-In Policies.

These Policies are important and can make or break a sale. Getting stuck with a $6,000 Engagement Ring purchase isn’t fun!

Always ask “Can I Return this?

If the Answer is “YES“, Ask for more Details. And if possible Ask to see it in Writing!

Written Policies are the REAL Policies not just what any Salesperson may tell you.

Return or Not?

That is the Question!

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