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Diamond Expectation Versus Reality


Many, many websites, fliers, catalogs, and billboards advertise false diamonds.

Great sales pop up that look so beautiful, you simply can’t pass them up.

Wonderful images of diamonds, big, shiny, glistening with an abundance of brilliance and sparkle…

But what you don’t know is this:

That is NOT the diamond you’d get!

That’s right. Those images you see, those engagement rings, wedding sets, all the facets, the beauty, are NOT the real images of the diamonds. They are not the diamond you would get if you purchased.

They are STOCK photos!

Sample images of diamonds used for tons of different clarities and colors.

You’ll notice this if you gaze through most jeweler’s websites. You’ll see the same exact photo used for many items.

Just like the examples below:

This is supposed to be the lowest clarity range…

Same Diamond Picture Different Quality

This is supposed to be SI…

Same Diamond Picture Different Price

This is supposed to be the best…

Same Diamond Picture Different Clarity

Notice anything different?

No. They’re all the same image.

Which makes it look like you’d be getting a really great diamond


I clarity is the lowest clarity range on Earth (which is I1, I2, and I3). I clarity is full of carbon spots, clouds, feathers, lines, cracks, chips, pinpoints, and tons of other flaws that are not only obvious to the eye (without any magnification), but some are almost shocking.

Like this engagement ring below:

This Diamond Image Is NOT An I3 Clarity Diamond

That’s NOT an I3 diamond. No way. No how. Not even close.

To compare what a real I3 diamond with K color, see the image below:

I3 Diamonds Will Look More Like This

I clarity means “included“. Meaning, you WILL see eye visible flaws. So if the image you see is crystal clear and clean… It’s FAKE!

This is why it’s crucial to see the real stone. Preferably up close and magnified, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

This is also why I advise buying diamonds from James Allen or Blue Nile. These huge diamond dealers online show you the real loose certified diamond, magnified, which you can spin to see from all sides and angles.

You see everything inside the stone, all of the flaws, inclusions, which is amazing (like a fingerprint, or birthmark).

There’s nothing to hide!

So the next time that you see a diamond in a catalog, or online, question it. Look at the price. Look at the clarity and color listed. Is it too good to be true?

Don’t let them fool you.

It’s not all as it seems.

Instead, find a place that shows you the real stone, the real imperfections.

Otherwise, you’ll probably feel ripped off.

Expectation vs reality, not only applies to diamonds, but your pocketbook.

Check out the real diamonds here at James Allen or Blue Nile today (plus, their prices can’t be beat).

Now that’s keeping it real.

Cheers! :)

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