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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

The Best Chains to Ever Buy

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Diamonds Inside The Ring

A reader named Matt, wrote in and asked me this Question:

Hello I love your Blog/Website/Sense of Humor!

Quick Question for you!

I’m having a Wedding Band made for myself and would Love to have some Diamonds added on the Inside. Nothing Huge. Just Small Sentimental Diamonds. Does this Pose any Risk for Bacteria? Would the Diamonds look Dead with no Hole to Clean them? Would they possibly Cut my Finger or Fall out?

Thanks in Advance!


Which really got me thinking!

I’ve seen Diamonds Inside the Ring (Band or Shank, whatever you call it) before. Some Jewelers put a Gemstone Inside the Ring as a Trademark or Logo. Others actually Design Rings that way, which is very Cool, Unique, and Interesting.

In Searching Google, I came across some very Awesome Rings showing Diamonds on the Inside. Take a Peek…

Set Diamonds Inside Of The Ring!

I’ve seen these, but I really NEVER thought about a Customer doing this… And I must say…


I Replied back to Matt saying:

“Hi Matt. No Risk of Bacteria. They might be Hard to Clean, but there is no Risk otherwise. Examples of Rings with Diamonds on the inside are seen here:

Diamonds Inside Ring

(Christian Bauer Platinum Rings – N/A)

Couture Bridal Rings

Diamonds USA

Hope this helps. :)


But it Struck me so Different, that I thought other people would like to see these too. Hence this Post :)

Just imagine, you have some left over Diamonds from your Grandmother’s or Grandfather’s Rings, and you’d like to Incorporate those Stones into something NEW, MODERN, and COOL!


I see no reason for anyone NOT to do this. Granted the Diamonds do need to be Small Enough so they don’t Stick through the Band and Hurt the integrity of the Ring, but the Jeweler can take a look at the Ring and the Stones and tell you if they’ll work or not.

Comfort Fit Bands (Rings that have Domed Insides for a more Comfortable Feel) would probably Work the BEST, since they have Extra Metal down there. And Gold is the Preferable Metal since it’s Easier to Manipulate. All the Jeweler would need to do is to Drill a Small Hole, Pop the Diamond in, Smooth it off and Polish up the Band and you’re Good to go.

As long as the Jeweler does it Properly, the Diamonds will be Flush with the Mounting and won’t Stick up. If they Stick up, or if they Feel Rough to the Touch, then have them Redone, because otherwise it will probably Irritate your Skin and cause a Rash! And that’s Not Good! ;)

One thing you will have to keep in mind is the fact that they are set INTO the Band, which means, they really won’t get any Light in the Stone (Less Sparkle), and they’ll probably get Dirty Faster because they’ll be against your Fingers which are always Oily and Dirty. Just Clean the Diamonds often with a Soft Toothbrush and you should be Fine! (Like Once a Week!) :)

I really do LOVE the Concept of doing this, and couldn’t think of a better way to Remember your Loved ones and to Utilize their Precious Stones at the same time.

It’s just Beautiful!

Do you have Small Stones (Diamonds or Gemstones) that you’d like to set Inside a Band or Ring?

See your Local Jeweler and Inquire

You’ll just LOVE it as well! :)


I just received an email from Matt who talked more about the Ring he’s making. He says:

“I had 6 Diamonds from my Father’s Ring that he gave me before he Passed away. They are very Special to me. As I’m not too much into Bling or Shine, I wanted something Simplistic and Organic. The Jeweler melted my Fathers and Mother’s Wedding Rings together, so it has a piece of Him and Her, and then set the Diamonds inside in a Eternal Style. This way whenever I need a Moment, I have a Hidden Subtle Reminder that Life Moves on and the World is Full of Love!

WOW! That leaves me Speechless!

I couldn’t have said it better myself! :)

Thanks Again Matt! :)

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  1. Tristen Wood // August 3, 2022 at 11:23 am // Reply

    I’m curious about the other jewelers that put a diamond on the inside of jewelry as a signature, as you had mentioned. who are they?

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