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Different SI Clarity Diamonds

SI1 Clarity Diamonds have small Inclusions that are only visible under a microscope.

SI2 Clarity Diamonds have small Inclusions as well, but sometimes these Flaws can be seen with the naked eye (usually viewing the Diamond from a side view).

Since SI1 and SI2 Diamonds are such a huge part of the Diamond Market, I thought it’d be fun to show you how different SI Clarity Diamonds can be.

Many people believe that an SI1 Diamond will look like any other SI1 Diamond. The same with SI2 Diamonds.

This is NOT the case!

You could view a dozen different Diamonds (as we will today), and they would all appear different. Some Diamonds will look cleaner, others may show more obvious Flaws, and still some will make you say “This is a SI Diamond?

It’s true. Some SI stones will face up more like an I Clarity Diamond under a microscope.

The point is, Diamonds are like people with moles, freckles, birthmarks and scars. It’s tough to rank and categorize them since every single one is unique and different in nature.

This variance is even more apparent when you compare different certification companies. Compare GIA to EGL and you may see a good difference in what they call an SI1 Clarity Diamond! I’ve seen some pretty skeptical Diamonds over the years. That’s why I say, “Stick with GIA – they are the best!

Now that you know that every Diamond is different and every opinion grading them is different, let’s look at some SI1 Clarity Diamonds from James Allen (all GIA Certified), so you can see for yourself.

Six SI1 Diamonds… all Different in appearance!

SI1 Clarity Diamonds

SI1 I Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI1 H Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI1 G Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI1 F Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI1 E Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI1 D Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

It’s very interesting seeing how SI1 Diamonds can be so different. Some SI1 Diamonds actually look more like VS2 stones, while some compare closer to SI2. Each Flaw is unique and no two will ever be alike.

This is why it’s important to see them magnified (10x) so you can view what’s inside the stone and see the real Flaws.

James Allen always allows you to Loupe their stones (with their Virtual Loupe), so you can see all the Imperfections BEFORE you buy it! :)

SI2 Clarity Diamonds

Now let’s look at SI2 Diamonds. SI2 stones will have more Inclusions and bigger Flaws that are easier to spot in the stone.

Take a look…

SI2 I Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI2 H Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI2 G Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI2 F Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI2 E Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

SI2 D Certified Brilliant Cut Diamond

Now you can see why all Diamonds are NOT created equal.

Some stones do look better than others. Some make you scratch your head and say “Really?

So when you’re shopping for the perfect SI Diamond for an Engagement Ring (or any Clarity of Diamond for that matter), don’t just rely on what the Certificate says. “It’s an SI“… Buy it because you’ve scoped the Diamond and seen what’s under the hood.

Buy it because you’ve compared stones and like that one better!

You really have to see them with your own eyes to believe them.

P.S. My advice: Compare Apples to Apples!

Which means, if you’re shopping for an SI1 Clarity Diamond (which I recommend SI1 or higher in Clarity), compare an SI1, GIA Certified stone against another SI1, GIA Certified stone. That way the comparison is fair, and not thrown off by a lower Clarity or lower Quality Appraisal or Certificate.

Lastly, the rest of the 4C’s will affect the beauty of the Diamond as well.

A Great Cut (Excellent or Very Good) with a Great Color (G-H or Higher), can make a low Clarity Diamond (SI2 or lower) look better.

It will give a Diamond more Brightness, more Whiteness, more Sparkle, more Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation.

The things that make a Diamond come to life! :)

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