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DIY Kids Jewelry

Kid’s bored?

It’s easy to be during the stay-at-home

So how about some activities that are fun, will keep them occupied for hours, and allow them to be creative and teach them a lifelong hobby (hopefully)…

Jewelry making!

It’s not just for adults… Kids of all ages can design wonderful pieces that they can wear or give as gifts (Easter is coming). And many times, they can do this with items around the house; paper, buttons, beads, yarn, cord…

And YouTube is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to DIY kid’s jewelry

So I’ve gone and found some of the best videos to get you started.


10 DIY jewelry ideas for kids

DIY how to make colorful beads bracelet for kids

Easy jewelry making projects for kids (no tools!)

DIY jewelry for kids: upcycled glow stick bracelets

DIY jewelry for parents and kids

How to make quilling finger rings

How to make washer necklaces

How to make popsicle stick bracelets

14 easy handmade kids jewelry ideas

DIY handmade jewelry for kids

How to make the easiest friendship bracelets

How to make paper bead jewelry for kids

Awesome paper craft paper jewelry idea

5 easy earring from kids project material

20 jewelry ideas for girls

DIY paper jewelry box

How to make a cardboard jewelry box

Or, you can also head on over to Amazon here and buy jewelry making kits for kids, that include everything you need to create pendants, earrings, rings, jewelry boxes, shrinky dinks, and more…

Have fun, and stay safe.

Cheers! :)

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