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Does Your Diamond Inscription Show

Diamond inscriptions are a wonderful thing.

I love them and highly recommend getting it done.

They make diamond identification easy and painless.

You view your diamond under a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe. You find your laser inscription numbers. You compare those numbers with the numbers on your diamond report (certificate). And you’re done! It’s the quickest way to verify your stone.

Just know, they hide…

Hidden inscriptions numbers

They don’t hide purposefully, that’s man’s doing.

So I say, when jewelers are setting laser inscribed diamonds into mountings…

They need to show the inscription.

That’s right. Jewelers need to make sure the inscription number of the diamond is showing in the head (not covered up by the mounting or prongs).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve microscoped a diamond only to see (actually not see) the inscription numbers covered up.

Why do they cover them? They don’t check… They don’t look to see where the numbers are, and if they are showing. Easy as that. But the problem is, if those numbers get covered up, you won’t know it’s your stone. You can’t verify the diamond.

Not good!

That should never happen. But it does. All the time.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Inscription numbers are there for a reason:


If you can’t see the numbers… Then the numbers are useless.

Make sure the jewelers note this on the repair slip when you take your ring in for setting, sizing or repair…


You want to be able to view your stone when you get it back and see those numbers (they’ll look something like: 
GIA 1269402655).

This assures you that you got your diamond back and that your diamond wasn’t switched out for a lower grade stone.

The numbers should be easy to spot under a microscope (30x magnification is ideal).

If it’s not showing, I ask the jeweler to rotate the diamond so the inscription is centered in between the prongs.

I recommend that the numbers are facing forward (towards you), verses on the side of the ring where it’s harder to view (as shown below).

View your Diamond Inscription

Do note that this is more difficult to do this if you have 6 prongs (versus 4). Some of the prongs may have to cover up some of the inscription, you only have so much space. If this is the case, have them cover up the GIA part (if it’s GIA certified), versus the numbers part. The numbers are what identify that particular stone.

And if your diamond is bezel set, viewing any inscription will be impossible. Bye-bye numbers – They will be totally covered up (no way around that).

So if your numbers aren’t rotated enough to clearly read all of the digits

Ask the jeweler to rotate them.

Turn your diamond so all of the numbers are visible. This shouldn’t take too long, but it’s definitely worth doing.

View your inscription when you drop your ring off at the jewelry store for sizing or repairs. View that same inscription when you pick it back up.

Make sure your inscription numbers match those numbers listed on your diamond certificate.

This will give you peace of mind. It also tells you that you got your diamond back.

Verify your numbers.

Verify your diamond.

It’s well worth the look.

Because inscriptions are a terrible thing to lose.

Head over to Amazon and get your own microscope or jeweler’s loupe. They’re worth every penny.

Cheers! :)

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