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Where To Find Cheap Watch Batteries

Cheap Batteries!

When I say “cheap” batteries“, I don’t mean “low quality“…


It’s actually the same quality.

What I mean is “priced cheaply“. Inexpensive!

Because, let’s face it, no one wants to spend $12 for a stinking battery. NO ONE!

So where can you find watch batteries cheaper?

Amazon, of course!

But there’s a trick to searching for batteries

If you just go there and search for “watch batteries“, you’ll see something like this:

Finding Cheap Watch Batteries

But to find the cheaper ones, you’ll have to change the sort options. Change the “Relevance” to “Price: Low to High“. As seen here

Sort Amazon Price Low To High

That brings up better prices. Most of the time these batteries will be sold singly, which is fine unless you really want to order 30 batteries… Often one will do!

But if you define your search deeper (more precisely), you’ll actually get better results.

For Example: 377

Let’s look at 377 watch batteries, the most popular watch battery there is…

377 Watch Battery Search

You type in “377 watch batteries” as shown above, and the first thing you see are “Sponsored Items“… You can normally skip by these and head into the cheaper inventory.

Just remember to sort LOW to HIGH!

As shown below

Cheap 377 Watch Battery Priced Low To High

Now those are CHEAPER!

But you can still keep searching… For if you check the “Prime” button on the left hand side, it could save you more money (if you’re a prime member)…

Check Amazon Prime For Cheap Watch Batteries

Prime members often get “free shipping” (depending on who the seller is), and free shipping can save you much, much more.

But Get yourself a Tool Kit

If you’re changing your battery yourself, it’s not that hard. You just need a few tools, like a watch tool kit that contains all the contraptions and gizmos you’ll need to remove the back of your watch, and get into the guts (movement) of the watch to swap out the cell.

Because it’s only cheaper if you do it yourself.


Taking it into a jewelry store to do could cost you on average around $10. And some stores don’t even do it (even though you bought the watch from them).

So grab a tool kit, grab some batteries, and get yourself back on time.

Cheers! :)

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