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Exercise Silicone Fitness Rings

This is great marketing…

(Why didn’t I think of it?)

They are selling “silicone rings” as “fitness rings“.

You see, just the other day I was rambling through Target (like always), and I happen across the fitness row (you know; weights, exercise DVD’s, floor mats, elastic bands…) and I see this:

Target Fitness Workout Rings

Fancy that!

Silicone rings have been popular for years now, and one of the main reasons that people buy them are for an active or physical lifestyle; weightlifting, rowing, biking, hiking, mechanics, electricians, nurses…)

But they’ve always been sold as “wedding bands”…

Until now.

Some genius has packaged silicone rings, called them fitness rings, and are selling them with the exercise equipment.

How smart is that?

Because that’s who buys them the most anyway. So it just makes sense.

Like these fitness rings here at Amazon:

Mens Ladies Silicone Fitness Rings

Buy them in whatever design or color you desire; black, grey, blue, red, purple, pink… You name it, they have it.

(See all the silicone fitness bands here!)

So whether it’s a New Year’s resolution to get fit, or just to stay active, healthy and trim… Fitness rings can help you achieve that. Whether you use them as an alternative wedding band, or just an everyday ring, it doesn’t matter. You can where them on any finger, and if they tear, it’s no big deal. Silicone rings are fun and inexpensive. They move as you do. They twist, turn, stretch… And most are breathable allowing air inside so your finger doesn’t sweat.

Great marketing…

And even greater rings. If you plan on fitness this year, get yourself a fitness ring.

You’ll love it!

Cheers! :)

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