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Created Gems verses Genuine Gemstones

Walk into just about any jeweler out there and go up to the Gemstone Case.

Look at all the beautiful Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds. Chances are, you’ll notice a very odd thing

You’ll notice that the Gemstones are either colorful and bright and perfectly clean, or they’re dull and cloudy and washed out.

Why is this?

Because that jeweler is selling both Genuine Stones, and Created Stones or Imitation Stones.

So let’s take a closer look at Genuine verses Created versus Imitation!

Genuine Gemstones

The Genuine stones that I’ll mainly talk about are Ruby (July Birthstone), Sapphire (September Birthstone) and Emerald (May Birthstone). These are the Precious Gemstones and are quite rare in nature. Let me rephrase that, Precious Gemstones are rare to find Good Quality in nature!

Precious Gemstones

Most Genuine Precious Gems are filled with large cloudy inclusions. Some are big black spots, others look like cracks splitting the stone in half.

Most of the Genuine Birthstones available in the Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires are not pretty anymore. Unless you spend an arm and a leg for great quality and color, precious stones like these are not leaving customers a lot of choice.

Created Gemstones

That’s why created gemstones come into play. The funny thing is, Created Gems bring a lot of confusion with them.

First off, created gemstones are not “imitation” gemstones…

Imitation Gemstones

Imitation stones are fake stones that “look” like the real thing, but aren’t. Usually these types of stones are glass or plastic. Imitation stones tend to dull up and chip easily. The only good selling point with Imitation is that they’re cheap!

I would advise to stay away and never get Imitation… ever!

But what about Created Gemstones?

Created Gemstones are man-made stones that come as close to the real thing as possible.

Created stones like Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire are created with all the same ingredients mother nature uses.

Growing Crystals

Laboratories take all the chemicals and minerals and mix them all up in something like a giant pressure cooker. Adding in heat and pressure like the Earth did millions of years ago, crystals are grown and formed from a genuine gemstone crystal.

It’s almost like a test tube baby. It’s a real baby… But you’d never know the difference.

Comparing Gems

When you compare created stones verses genuine stones on a microscopic level you’ll see that they are almost identical in molecular composition. The way the crystals are formed and grown, the way they refract light, they are identical twins all the way down to one thing…


Mother Nature has a nasty habit of mixing minerals and chemicals and foreign debris from rocks and irons into genuine stones. This merging causes genuine stones to have dark spots, flaws, clouds and inclusions.

Created stones don’t get these added influences. Being made in a lab keeps control of the composition and keeps flaws and inclusions out of the mix. It doesn’t make it any less a stone, it just helps make it cleaner!

I Love Created Stones!

One of my favorites is the Created Alexandrite!

Created Alexandrite is an absolutely beautiful stone. Which is a good thing because it’s almost impossible to find a genuine Alexandrite on the market today.

It’s the same way with Emeralds! Emeralds are the rarest to find in any Good Quality. I’ve seen tons of Created Emeralds that look a thousand times better than a Genuine Emerald. With precious stones getting quite rare, expect to see more and more of these created gemstones in the jewelry stores.

Created Gemstones are cleaner, cheaper and just as durable as the real thing.

So the next time you’re pondering buying Genuine stones vs Created Stones, DON’T!

Just buy the one that looks the best (And Skip Imitation).

After all, a beautiful stone is a beautiful stone!

Cheers! :)

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