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How To Get A Bigger Diamond On A Budget

This works!

If you have an engagement ring budget (whether it be $3,000 or $10,000), and you want to maximize that money to get the biggest center stone you can…

There is one simple trick that will assure the largest carat weight possible:


Go with the simplest mounting you can. Meaning, pass up the one carat pave mounting with tons of diamonds down the side, go for a traditional plain band instead.

Compare the prices of mountings below:

The Price Of Engagement Ring Mountings

See the difference?

Those prices are for the mounting only. Adding in a center stone will easily add thousands onto that price tag.

Going simple allows all of your budget to go directly into the center stone. That way, you can get a bigger stone for the same price.

Compare the two rings below:

Expensive Diamond Mounting

The mounting above holds a 3/4 carat diamond in the center… But you can upgrade to a full carat, like below, just by going simple:

Get A Bigger Diamond With A Budget

See how that works?

Go with a simple engagement ring now… That doesn’t mean you have to stay simple forever. You can upgrade the mounting later, or add bling with a wedding ring. Get a diamond band, like pave, channel set, eternity, that will sit flush up against your solitaire mounting and add tons of sparkle and brilliance (and you can buy a matching band for the other side as an upcoming anniversary gift).

Get The Wedding Band Later

No matter how you do it, you end up with the biggest diamond possible for your budget (and bigger center stones hold their value more).

Two other tricks and tips:

  • Go one step lower in quality (clarity & color). One step lower is hard to detect with the eyes. You’ll be able to easily go bigger.
  • Check out fancy shapes. Fancy shaped diamonds (every shape other than the round) not only look bigger, but are generally 20% cheaper too.

That’s smart shopping, and it’s easy to do.

Check out these deals on engagement ring mountings here at James Allen.

Cheers! :)

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