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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

How to Get More Money When Selling Your Jewelry

Wanna Sell?

A lot of People have Extra Jewelry laying around that they want to Sell.

In fact, Woman usually have Jewelry Boxes Full of it! :)

People will bring these Pieces of Jewelry into the Store to get Rid of them. They’re Not Wearing them, so Why Not?

It Makes Sense!

Sadly, most People do NOT get the Best Value from their Jewelry this way. They’ll get 10%-20% of what it’s Worth, if they’re Lucky.

The Good News is this:

It doesn’t have to be! You CAN get More than you know if you follow these 3 Simple Tricks

1) Clean your Jewelry

If your Jewelry looks Clean and Polished and New it will be More Sellable.

Many Jewelers Sell Estate or Pre-Owned Pieces and if you hand them Merchandise that’s Ready-for-the-Case, then it’s a Huge Time-Saver and it’s much Easier to Visualize.

Plus, a Clean Piece Looks Better, Prettier and Brighter.

Think about it… Would you want to Buy a Beat up, Dirty Looking Ring?


Neither Would Jewelers!

Clean it up, have it Polished, you’ll gain more Interest in the Piece and make it look more Valuable.

Plus, it’s Easier for Jewelers to Check the Quality of the Diamonds as well. If they can see how Clean and Beautiful a Stone is, see what the Clarity really is, you’ll get yourself a Better Deal.

Dirty Diamonds look like Poor Quality and Low Grade. They will get you the Lowest Price Possible!

So Clean your Jewelry (Get yourself an Jewelry Cleaners and a Steam Cleaner). Polish it up with a Polishing Cloth. You’ll Make More Money in the Long Run.

2) Bring your Paperwork

If you have a Jewelry Appraisal or Diamond Certificate, or anything that lists out the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight, bring them in.

These Forms of Documentation help Jewelers Double Check Quality and Determine Value.

It just makes Life Easier for Everyone. Your Rings and Diamonds were Sold with these Papers… Find Them! Dig them out of the Safe. Bring them in. You’ll be Happy you did.

Because a Stone that is Certified and Sold without the Certification Papers… is a Real Pain. Jewelers have to send that Stone back to the Company to get the Reports Drawn up. This Costs Money, sometimes Hundreds of Dollars. And that means… it’s Hundreds of Dollars LESS that you’ll be getting!

So Don’t Forget the Paperwork!


3) Exchange your Jewelry

This is a Nifty Trick that most people do not know about…

If you Sell your Pieces for Cash, you’ll get one Price…

But, if you Trade them in towards a New Piece (say a Bigger Diamond Ring) you’ll get MORE Bang for your Buck!

The Reasoning is Simple:

You’re Spending More Money at the Jeweler!

Not only are they getting your Trade-In, but, they’re also getting another Sale. Bonus!

They’ll Work you out a Much Better Deal (normally) for Trading it in Versus Selling it Outright.

The Bottom line

These 3 Tricks will get you more Money for your Jewelry.

Whether it be Selling it or Trading it… You’ll get more, which also means; You’ll be able to Buy More Jewelry!


See how that Works? :)

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