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With Diamonds Go Big Or Go Home

Okay, go big or go home is just a phrase.

But really, when it comes to diamonds, there is one thing that’s pretty true:

Women like big.

And big, is usually pertaining to diamonds of 1.50-3.00 carats in size.

And yes, these diamonds are expensive, no doubt. But there are ways to cut these expenses down.

Let’s look at them…

1) Cut Clarity

Diamond clarity is a big way to lower costs. Instead of looking at “invisible” inclusions (SI1 or higher), look at SI2 or I1 instead. A few visible flaws won’t hurt you. It makes them easy to identify, and can give a diamond character as well.

Plus, almost all “big” diamonds have eye-visible imperfections anyway. It’s normal and just how Mother Nature works; very few things born in nature are perfect.

Compare an I1 clarity diamond, to a VS1 diamond below:

Compare Big Diamonds And Clarity

Now that’s a big difference in price, and not-so-big difference in flaws!

2) Cut Color

Diamond color is subjective to begin with. Some people can see a yellow hue, other’s can’t. And most of diamond color can actually be masked by things like; mounting, cut, and carat weight. If you compare diamonds side by side, you’ll probably notice the color easily. But if you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t see a thing. Nor care. Compare the two diamonds below; J color and E color.

Compare Big Diamonds And Color

Look at the difference in price…

3) Cut Cut

A good way to knock off some of expense, is to skimp on cut. Cut is divided into 5 cut grades: excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. The best is excellent, but it also comes with an excellent price tag. If you lower the cut to very good, or good, you’ll still get a great looking diamond, and will save some money as well. Compare the two different cut grades below; excellent VS very good:

Compare Big Diamonds And Cut

4) Add Fluorescence

Fluorescence is subjective, too. And most diamonds with fluorescence don’t alter the appearance of a diamond in the least. While all diamonds with fluorescence will glow-in-the-dark (under a UV or black light), only some of them will look odd in natural light (foggy, hazy, cloudy). See the chart below…

Diamond Fluorescence

So this fluorescence attribute may be something that could be added, and you’d never know it. Unless you turn off the lights. Compare the two diamonds below:

Compare Big Diamonds And Fluorescence

5) Cut Round

Think outside of the box. Or in this case, inside the box. Meaning, pass on the classic round shape. Round diamonds are the most expensive cut of diamond there is. So if you opt for a fancy shape, every other cut of diamond that exists; princess, emerald, pear, heart, oval, radiant, marquise, asscher, cushion… then you’ll also save yourself around 20% or more. Compare the diamond prices below of 1.50 carat, SI1, E diamonds:

Compare Big Diamonds and Diamond Prices


6) Cut Genuine

Not all diamonds on the market are genuine. Some are lab-grown. Meaning, they grow real diamonds in a laboratory, versus outside in nature (like a test-tube baby). These two diamonds are identical, have the same DNA, and the exact same chemical composition. Side by side, they are the real thing. There is no difference. Except in price. Right now, lab-grown diamonds are around 30% the price of earth made diamonds. Compare the two stones below:

Compare Big Genuine Diamonds VS Lag-Grown Diamonds

So if you want a bigger diamond, and want to make it as affordable as possible, these are the ways to do so.

And, if you shop online at James Allen HERE, then you’ll save even more. Because online VS mall jewelry stores are a huge difference in price. You’ll save a TON. Compare prices, you’ll see. It’s worth it to buy your big diamonds on the web.

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So now, you can go home, and go home with a big diamond, as well.

Cheers! :)

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