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Great Gag Gift The Gift Of Nothing


Nothing at all?

“What do you want for your birthday?”


“What do you want for Christmas?”


It’s a never ending story. Valentines, anniversary, Sweetest Day… All she wants is nothing.

So, what do you get the girl (or guy) who wants nothing?


A fun gag gift that’s literally nothing. An empty package, box or container… Filled with hopes, dreams, wishes, and AIR!

In other words; Nothing.

Just like these gifts here:

Great Gag Gift The Gift Of Nothing

I sure do love gag gifts. I’ve talked about enough of them; the moon ring, the dime-on ring, a 73 carrot necklace, a coal ring, marry me scratch off tickets, puzzle ring box, secret jewelry boxes, Valentines confetti prank, 2 carat solitaire mug, fake piercings, portable pizza pouch necklaces

So gags and gifts is right up my alley

And I’m not alone.

So this holiday, when she says she wants “nothing” (just like her reply to “where do you want to eat?” “I don’t know” – and there are restaurants named that)…


Amazon sells nothing gifts in many different varieties

But as much as nothing might be fun, a good laugh, a chuckle… I’d probably still bet she wants something. She just wants you to surprise her.

That way, it’s your choice on what to get, and how much to spend.

And what’s the best gift to give?

Nothing but BLING!

Diamonds always make an ideal gift for any girl and any occasion. Things like diamond bracelets, diamond bolos, diamond rose gold jewelry, diamond studs (martini mountings are HOT HOT HOT), diamond rings, diamond stackables, diamond pendants and more.

Just like these diamonds here:

Nothing But Bling Diamond Jewelry

It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate. Just something cute and sparkly. Something that will touch her heart.

Because you could get her nothing (and wind up in the dog house), or get her some diamonds, bling, and romantic things… For nothing is nothing…

But diamonds are EVERYTHING!

Check out all the diamond jewelry here on Amazon.

Cheers! :)

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