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The Best Chains to Ever Buy

Great Things About Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate Diamonds are Beautiful Brown Diamonds that are all the Rage right now.

Brown Diamonds also go by many other names like: Coffee Diamonds, Cinnamon Diamonds, Champagne Diamonds, Cognac Diamonds, and of course, the Most Popular:

Chocolate Diamonds!

They all Sound Delicious!

There are Many Great Advantages to Buying and owning a Chocolate Diamond. So I thought I’d Run Down the List so you can Buy One Today! :)

1) Chocolate is HOT!

Chocolate Diamonds (a Name Developed by LeVian) are Selling like Hot Cakes. They are Everywhere and Everyone Wants One.

They are Trendy, Fashionable, and the Stores are Stock Full of Them.

The Yummy Sounding Diamonds are in Abundance, and for the Last Couple of Years they have Dominated the Market and the Christmas Wish List!

2) Styles and Designs

The Neatest Thing about Chocolate Diamonds are the Delightful Styles and Designs. They are out of this World!

Beautiful looks with Bold, Colorful Diamonds that just Stand out and Say “Look At Me!

They are Hip and Cool, and when set in different Hues of Gold, like “Honey” and “Strawberry“, they make it a Joy and a Pleasure to Show off. They are unlike any other piece of Jewelry you’ll ever own.

3) Earth Tones

The Great Thing about “Brown” Diamonds is the Fact that they are Earth Tones (I LOVE Earth Tones).

Many People really do Adore Earth Tones, like Browns and Greens, because the Colors go with just about any Skin Tone, and any Color of Wardrobe.

Brown Hues are Subtle and Calm, Not Loud and Obnoxious.

4) Dark Colors

Colored Diamonds, like Chocolate Diamonds, have Nice, Rich, Dark Body Tones. The Colors are Consistent and Deep!

Even with True Fancy Colored Diamonds, the Colors usually Vary, or are Lighter. But Chocolate Diamonds are Robust, and LeVian does a Great Job with Matching them to Form a Uniform Appearance, where all the Diamonds look the Same.

5) Quality Doesn’t Matter…

I should say, Quality Doesn’t Matter MUCH!

With the Deepness and Darkness of the Stone, it Pretty Much Overpowers all the other Qualities that are so Common in Diamonds. Things like, Cut and Clarity (the same is True for All Fancy Colors).

Color RULES!

Granted, I would still look at the Stones with the Eye, and with a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe to see if any Huge Black Spots stand out, but generally Small Inclusions and Flaws will Pretty much be Hidden, and not be of Much Importance.

And, because the Stone is Brown, the Brilliance and Sparkle won’t Affect the Stone like it would a White Diamond either!

So with Chocolate Diamonds, it’s all about the Color!

6) Great Gifts!

Chocolate Diamonds make Wonderful Gifts for any Occasion: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Christmas… you name it! Brown Diamonds Work!

Plus, Brown Diamonds are a “Noncommittal” Gift as well.

Which means, if you “Like” the Girl, but don’t want to put thoughts of “Marriage” in her Head, a Chocolate Diamond Pendant or a Pair of Cute Earrings are The Perfect Gift.

They Say “I Like You A Lot!


7) Chocolate Diamond Price

This is the Best Aspect of Chocolate Diamonds…


The Prices of Brown Stones as compared to White Stones are Day and Night.

Check out the Difference of Price between some .33 Carat Stud Earrings below…

033 CT Diamond Stud Earrings! Brown Diamond Stud Earrings!

(The Price of these Brown Diamonds Changes often, so you’ll have to Check Amazon for the Latest Price)

You see, the Prices for these Beautiful Stones is Hundreds Cheaper than White Diamonds, even White Diamonds with a Lower Clarity and Color!

Brown Colored Diamonds are probably the Cheapest Colored Diamonds you Could Buy, except for maybe Black Diamonds!

So get some Chocolate on your Fingers Today!

They do make some “Engagement” Style Rings as well, if that’s what you’re thinking, but I usually Advise Sticking with White Diamonds (they’ll never go out of Fashion), and Leave the Chocolate for all your other Fingers (and Toes)!

Take a look at these Very Cool Styles and Designs from Kay Jewelers. These Diamonds are Popular and Stunning!

Don’t you just want one?

Great Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

Cheers! :)

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