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How To Hide Diamond Color

When most people think about Diamonds, they think about one color: White.

All Diamonds are White, right?

Not by a long shot!

Only a small percentage of all the Diamonds mined in the world today are White. Most are Yellow, Brown or Gray!

White Diamonds are generally referred to as Pure White (which is D-E-F) or Fine White (which is G-H – the top part of the Near Colorless Range).

See the Diamond Color Chart below…

Diamond Color

So 5 grades are “White” Diamonds, and all the rest are slightly Yellow, Faint Yellow, Yellow, Strong Yellow, and even darker hues like Browns, Champagnes and Grays.

Luckily, most of the Diamonds on the market are either Near Colorless or Colorless (Pure White). This is why the average person thinks that all Diamonds are White. They all look pretty White and it’s hard to see any slight body tone differences between them.

Here’s a Secret

White Diamonds Cost More!

Okay, that’s not a real secret, but this one is:

In the right mounting, a Yellow Diamond can be just as bright and beautiful as a White Diamond… AND you’ll pay a heck of a lot less.

When I’m talking about Yellow Diamonds, I’m talking about J, K, L, M Colors and down (you won’t run across many below M Color just because they look really Yellow and they don’t sell very well.)

A lot of people love a little Yellow Hue in their Diamond. They like the warmth it adds to the body.

What’s funny is that most people still can’t tell a Diamond is Yellow unless you tell them (or compare it side by side with a White one). Only then will you hear them exclaim “Oh Yeah, NOW I see the Color“.

If the Diamond is set in the right type of mounting, it will further mask the Color and make it very tough to spot.

So by Buying a Diamond with a Slight Yellow Hue, you can Save a TON of Money and no one will ever notice.

Mountings that HIDE Diamond Color

What types of mountings hide Yellow Diamonds?

Yellow Mountings of course!

You put a slightly Yellow Diamond into a Yellow Gold Mounting and the color practically disappears. Now you see it, now you don’t!

But, if you put that same Diamond into a White Gold Mounting, that Yellow Shade becomes even more apparent and may even look dingy, old and used (yellowish). Sometimes they really stand out like a sore thumb. But each Diamond should be judged separately. Some K Colors look WAY better than others. It all has to do with the Shape, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight (larger Diamonds show more color).

The bottom line is, if you opt for a Yellow Gold Mounting, your Diamond will look just fine. :)

One Slight Catch…

There is one slight catch though. Most Prongs, Heads and Baskets that Diamonds are set in are NOT Yellow Gold! They’re White Gold!

Check it out the next time you’re in a Jewelry Store. You’ll see that all of the Prongs (4 Prong or 6 Prong) are actually made of a White Metal (usually 14k White Gold). This is because White Gold is more durable than Yellow Gold and works better for securing your Diamond.

So as you can see, setting a Yellow Diamond into a Yellow Mounting does get a little bit trickier. Most of the time you’ll have no choice but to set it in a White Gold Head. Unless you know what to look for…

There are some great mountings that you CAN set a Diamond into that will accomplish the task. Mountings like: Bezel Set Mountings, Partial Bezel Set Mountings, Tension Set Mountings and Two-Tone Mountings (both Yellow Gold and White Gold).

These types of Mountings will help mask color like no other mountings will. Take a look at the images below to compare White Gold Mountings with Yellow Gold Mountings…

Hide Diamond Color with these Mountings

See the difference? Yellow Gold Mountings help the Diamond Color blend in.

Save on Yellow Diamonds

So now that you know how to hide Diamond Color, let me show you exactly how much Money you can Save.

Compare a 1 Carat Diamond, SI1, K to an SI1, G and an SI1, E. The results are almost shocking! (All Diamonds are 1 Carat, EXCELLENT Cut and GIA Certified). (Prices taken from James Allen at the time of this post.)

1.08, SI1, K, EXCELLENT, GIA $3,550 VIEW
1.00, SI1, G, EXCELLENT, GIA $5,630 VIEW
1.00, SI1, E, EXCELLENT, GIA $6,590 VIEW

See the jump in price? That’s extreme! It’s almost DOUBLE the price to go up in Color ($3,550 for a 1.08 Carat, SI1, GIA Certified, Excellent Cut Diamond is a Steal)!!!

P.S. If you visit (our Recommended Retailer for Loose Diamonds and Engagement Rings), use offer “RINGSUM” at checkout and get 10% off your Ring Mounting Price!

Is the difference in price and color worth it? It’s all up to you.

If you can see the Color and the Color doesn’t bother you, then who cares? Don’t worry about it. No one else will notice either. Buy a Diamond with Nice Clarity (SI1 or higher), with a Very Good Cut (Excellent or Ideal Cut) and your Diamond will look beautiful and bright. (A Diamond with an Excellent or Very Good Cut will make your Diamond Sparkle more, which also helps mask Color!!!)

Something else to consider!

Say you buy an E Color Diamond and have it set in a Yellow Gold Mounting… Guess what happens to that Pure White Diamond? It picks up a tinge of the color from the mounting and actually makes the Diamond look a tad bit yellow. Shocking? You bet! No one ever thinks about this.

So if you buy a White Diamond, have it set in a White Gold Mounting.

But if you take advantage of the huge savings and purchase a Yellow Diamond, have it set into a Yellow Gold Mounting and no one will be the wiser…

Except you, and your pocketbook. :)

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