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High Quality Diamonds Are Bad

I always Advise Buying High Quality Diamonds (Like this Superior .96 Carat, IF, D Diamond at James Allen)…

It’s hard not to Push Quality after being in the Business for over 27 Years

But You Know What?

Many times, High Quality is a BAD THING!

High Quality Bad to Buy?


So Hold onto your Hats, because I’m about to Rip on the Best of the Best

Starting with…

Diamond Clarity

I don’t Mind some Inclusions in a Diamond.

(Not Eye-Visible Flaws, but Microscopic Flaws found in SI1 Diamonds or Higher)

But there’s a Very BIG Reason why I like some Imperfections…

I can SEE them under 10x Magnification (Using a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe).

And Because I’m able to see them, I can Memorize them and Identify my Stone at a later date.

Flaws are like a Fingerprint to a Diamond. Each one is Unique and they’ll look like that FOREVER!

They Don’t Change. EVER!

Which means, if your Diamond has something Identifiable in it, something that Distinguishes it from another Stone, then you can PREVENT Diamond Switching!

You can Pick up your Diamond Ring from Repair, Sizing, Prong Retipping, Whatever… See your Diamond Flaws under a Microscope (While you’re still at the Store), and know that you got your Diamond back!

This is Difficult to do with Higher Quality Diamonds!

For Diamond Clarity VVS or Higher, have such Tiny, Tiny Flaws that you probably won’t see them under 10x Power. They’re that Small (Especially with an Untrained Eye).

So to most Folks, any Clarity VVS2 or Higher will all look FLAWLESS (Void of any Inclusions). And you know what else looks “Flawless” and “Perfect“???


Stones like Cubic Zirconia are Inclusion-Free as well. There’s nothing in them (because they’re made in a Laboratory and NOT in Nature).

So your “Flawless” Genuine Diamond could get Switched and Mistaken for a Cheap CZ Stone!

And sadly, you’d Probably Never Know it. They’d all look the same!

(Although CZ’s will Display more FIRE, or Flashes of Color in them!)

You’d have to Diamond Test the Stone just to be SURE it’s a Real Diamond!

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamonds don’t Increase in Value Equally as you Step up in Carat Weight.


They jump 3-4 Times the Price!

So going from a 1/2 Carat into a 1 Carat will probably be 4-6 times the Price!

That’s some BIG BUCKS!

And as much as the “DREAM” Carat Weight is a One Carat Diamond, those One Carats will COST you!

Usually 1 Carat Diamonds of Half-Way Decent Quality will BEGIN at around 5 Grand and up.

And that can SUCK!

And then you have to still set it into a Mounting, and more than likely get one with Diamonds, and then you’ll also need that Matching Wedding Band


So instead, go for a Smaller Carat Weight, like .50 – .75, and have it set into a Halo Mounting with Diamonds surrounding the center.

That way, you can still get your “One Carat” Diamond Ring, but the “Carat” will be Distributed around the Ring. It’ll be One Carat TOTAL Weight! (The Weight of ALL the Diamonds added together)

It may be Cheating, but it’s still a Carat, and still WAY CHEAPER!

Diamond Color

Have you ever looked at D Color?

D Color is the TOP, most Highest Diamond Color there is on the Face of the Earth.

And in my Opinion…

It’s TOO White!

Sure, I LOVE Colorless Diamonds (D, E, F), but I usually always stick with E or F for this Particular Reason…

They aren’t Stark White!

D Color is White-White and it tends to make a Diamond look Glassy or FAKE!

Like it’s been Bleached!

E-F Color is toned down a Smidge… They don’t read as Bone-White as D.

If you Purchased a D, Congrats, it’s Nice to know you own the Best in the World

But you know what other Stone is Perfectly White?

You Guessed it…


Those Cheap Fake Stones that fill Costume Jewelry and Sell for Practically nothing…

They’re Pure White, and they Resemble a D Colored Diamond.

Which means, if you put them side by side (or a Jeweler Swapped them out), you might not be able to tell (unless you Diamond Tested them!)



Diamond Cut

What’s Wrong with the Best Diamond CUT?

(Which is “Excellent“)


Granted, you could buy one with a “Very Good” Cut and they may look Similar (Except in Price), but it’s really hard to Knock Cut since it plays such a Huge Role in the Beauty and Sparkle of a Stone.

But you know what CUT you can do without?

The Brilliant Cut

The Round Brilliant Cut is the Most Popular, and the MOST Expensive Cut there is.

So if you Shifted into Fancy Cuts, like Princess, Radiant, or Cushion Cut, then you’d Save TONS of Money (Sometimes even HALF)!

Not that’s a Cut worth Cutting!


Diamond Certification

GIA is the BEST!

GIA is also the Most Expensive

But if you’re Spending this kind of Money on a Diamond Engagement Ring, then this is one Area I’d NEVER Skimp!


You’ll Never Regret it!

Get all your GIA Certified Diamonds HERE!


Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
Ring Adjusters EMT Emergency Ring Cutter 10x Jewelers Loupe Jewelers Microscope

Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
Ring Adjusters EMT Emergency Ring Cutter
10x Jewelers Loupe Jewelers Microscope


  1. I never thought I’d see the day when YOU, of all people, would be advising against buying the absolute best there is to buy when it comes to diamonds! But, you made some perfectly valid points, as always, and many I’ve subscribed to myself for many years!! No, a “D” color, stark, bone white diamond isn’t as pretty TO ME as something with a little “trapped nitrogen” in it to give it a little color/flavor! Kind of like a little “seasoning” keeps food from tasting flat and lifeless. But, you don’t want to get too far in the other direction either, and go crazy with the “pepper” because too much of that makes it totally unpalatable! (Also looks TERRIBLE inside that stone!)

    You mentioned flaws being a way to verify your stone yourself, and memorizing its “fingerprint” was the way to go. But, if the buyer follows just one other piece of advice, even if they ignore the rest, they couldn’t be safer! No memorizing flaws, no drawing pictures of them, no trying to prove what you claim you remember to an unscrupulous jeweler who has had your stone switched out, and doesn’t want to hear any part of it!

    All you have to do is buy the best quality you can afford, in the characteristics that make the stone completely appealing to YOU, WITH A GIA certificate! The report number is lasered into the girdle, is it not, and matches up with the certificate you have in your possession?! Now there’s something that nobody can dispute!

    (And I think I have seen offered by other vendors a way to have the personal message of your choice lasered into the girdle as well! Sort of a private little love note to your intended, visible only with a loupe that is provided as part of the package. But, it’s obviously not James Allen who does this, and I can’t remember just who was doing it – just that it was being done. Wouldn’t that be a cool thing for them to do though?)

    And, for your contest, I’ve already done everything there is to be done to enter it, except write a blog post! (I don’t have a blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only woman left in the world who DOESN’T have a blog!) But having to be obligated to keeping one up in order to make it successful, and coming up with new ideas all the time for it, sort of makes it resemble punching a time clock, and I don’t do that any longer! (Not from choice, mind you, but I do kind of enjoy a little of the freedom that entails.) So, I’ll keep up with the rest. I’ve got a big birthday coming up the end of February, grandkids (6 in all) with birthdays coming up throughout the year, and a 40th wedding anniversary coming in July as well!! So, who wouldn’t be able to put an extra $50 cash to work for any one of those events?! And an active PayPal account as well, to pay for my frequent eBay purchases! Got my fingers crossed!!

  2. Rafael Akira // April 24, 2016 at 5:23 am // Reply

    The difference between D color and Czs is; Czs after a while get yellowish, while D is forever & rare color.

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