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Let’s face it, sometimes guys need a little hint when it comes to diamonds or rings. A push in the right direction.

After all, there are thousands of diamonds to choose from; shapes, sizes, clarity, color, cut… Not to mention all the thousands of different engagement ring styles; solitaire, halo, pave, 3-stone, channel set, tension set and more.

So hint it!

Find your dream diamond, just like this beautiful SI1, F, diamond here:

1 Carat Dream Diamond SI1 F True Hearts Round

1.01, SI1, F, TRUE HEARTS EX, EX, EX, NONE $6,890 VIEW

You can hint all of James Allen’s diamonds by the “HINT IT” button that’s located near the price:

Hint Your Dream Diamond

Selecting that brings up a box that you can fill out; friend’s name, email, message, and who it’s from… Plus, you can also sign up for newsletters or current sale notifications.

How To Hint Your Diamond

And, you can also add more people to the email, like a bunch of friends, and say something nonchalant like “Isn’t this diamond beautiful?


He’ll get an email that looks similar to this:

Hint Dream Diamond In Email

He can pull it up on his phone to check it out, just like I did here:

James Allen Mobile Website

He can even then favorite the diamond and refer back to it later. :)

Everything about this diamond, or whatever diamond you choose is valuable info. Like what shape you prefer, what size. What color, clarity or cut (like these kick-ass True Hearts diamonds here).

Engagement Rings too:

You can do the same with the engagement rings. Pick what you like, what style, color, design, and HINT IT!

Hint Your Favorite Engagement Ring Setting

Send him (or them) the mounting of your dreams. This works so well… And, you don’t even need to send it to your boyfriend. You can send your “dream ring” to your mom and best friends. That way, if he asks them what type of ring you like, or goes to them for help, they can say “Actually, I know exactly what she likes!” It’s that easy. And clever! :)

I love this concept.

You end up getting what you want, and he doesn’t have to ruin the secret.

And, by shopping with James Allen, you’ll not only get a more unique style of ring (since you choose the diamond and mounting yourself), but you’ll save thousands off the price. You can’t beat their savings. Compare their prices to any mall store jeweler to see. It’s amazing the difference.

So give their website a browse; Check out their best cut True Hearts diamonds here:

See Similar Dream Diamonds Here

They will knock your socks off.


And don’t forget to hint it!

Cheers! :)

Top Recommended Diamond Vendors:

James Allen

James Allen

James Allen is a leader in diamonds. Their real time interactive diamond inspection is the best in the industry. View and rotate any diamond under 20x magnification. Their prices, selection, lifetime warranty, 24/7 customer support and hassle free returns are unbeatable. Visit James Allen today.

James Allen

Blue Nile

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is the largest and most well known respected diamond dealer online. They are highly trusted, have a huge inventory, and low low prices (compare anywhere and see for yourself). If you want to save money, or build your own ring, this is the place to shop. Visit Blue Nile today.

Blue Nile

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