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How Big Will The Diamond Look On Her Finger?

How BIG will a Diamond Engagement Ring look on her Finger?

To Answer this Question, we’ll need to know 2 things:

  • The Millimeter (MM) Size of her Finger
  • The Millimeter Size of the Diamond

The Standard, or Default Ring Size in the States is 6 (leaning more towards a 6.5 now).

A Size 6 Ring has a MM Width of 16.45 across. A Size 6.5 Ring Size has a 16.9 MM.

You would have to Buy her a 16 Carat Diamond to actually fill the Entire Width of her Finger

It’s pretty safe to say, that isn’t going to happen! :)

Average Diamond Weight

The Average Diamond Carat Weight sold on the market today is just 4.5 MM Wide, which is only .38 Carats in Size.

I don’t know where this Average comes from because out of the last 23 years of selling Diamonds, I’d say the Average is closer to .58 Carat (which is 5.3 MM). 5/8 is in between a Half Carat and 3/4 Carat…

  • A Half Carat Diamond (.50 CT) has a MM Width of 5.2 MM.
  • A 3/4 Carat (.75 CT) Diamond has a width of 5.9 MM.

Diamond Sizes On Finger

Let’s look at how some of these standard Carat Weights, .25 CT, .38 CT, .50 CT, .75 CT, 1.00 CT, and 1.50 CT, look like on an Average Sizes Woman’s Hands with a Finger Size of Size 6 (16.45 MM)

Finger Size 6 Diamond Sizes

As you can see, anything .50 Carat or bigger tends to look good and balance well on the finger.

What about Larger Fingers?

Now let’s look at how some of these Diamond Weights look like on an larger Woman’s Hands with a Finger Size of Size 8 (18.22 MM)

Finger Size 8 Diamond Sizes

Now you’ll need a Diamond of at least 3/4 CT (.75 Points) to start to show up better and look good.

Let’s go Bigger!

All right, let’s take it up a notch. Let’s see what these Diamond Carat Weights will look like on a Bigger Finger Size. We’ll put these Solitaire Diamonds on a Lady’s Finger of a Size 10 (which is the average Finger Size for a Man). Size 10 is 19.8 MM across. See how the Diamonds look now…

Finger Size 10 Diamond Sizes

Now, anything less than 1.00 Carat start to look small. :(

It’s all relative to the Width of your finger.

MM Sizes Of Rings

To see all the different Millimeters of Ring Sizes, look at the Chart below. It lists Ring Sizes 4 – 14, and what the MM Size is for each ring.

MM Ring Sizes How Big on Finger

Diamond Millimeter Sizes

To see a full list of all the Different MM Sizes for Diamonds and their Appropriate Carat Weights, see the chart below…

Diamond MM Size Chart

Larger Fingers need Larger Rings!

Here’s a cool bit of advice… If you’re buying a Ring for Larger fingers, you’ll need to think BIGGER. Bigger Bands (so they’re more Durable), and either Bigger Diamonds, or break the Diamonds up into Smaller Carat Weights of multiple Stones.

What I mean by that is to not buy a Solitaire Diamond (Single Diamond), unless you want to spend a Ton of Cash for a fairly Large Stone… Break the Carat Weight up into a Wedding Set, a Diamond Halo, or Pave Set Stones… Modern Rings that will give you a Full Look, more Dazzle, more Ring, more Abundance of Everything!

See the examples below of a Size 10 Finger with Wider Engagement Rings that help balance and fill out the finger…

Finger Size 10 Diamond Sizes Wider Engagement Rings

They just look better, bigger, and bolder!

Nothing says you have to buy a 2.00 Carat Diamond

You just need to be wise, spread the Carat Weight around, and the ring will become much more affordable.

Why spend $10,000, when you can get by with just spending $2,000 – $3,000.

It’s all in how you look at things! :)

To find out your Ring Size, or Finger Size… Print out my Ring Size Chart Here!

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