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Did the Jeweler Give you Back Your Diamond?

One of the Biggest Fears of Customers is:

“Will the Jeweler Steal my Diamond?”


The Fact of the Matter is, a Jeweler COULD Steal or Switch your Stone and you would probably never know it.


The Likelihood of this happening is Quite Rare, but it does happen.

So the Most Important Question is:

How do you know if you got YOUR Diamond back?

Will you know if the Jeweler Swapped out your Stone for a Lower Grade one?

It’s Easy to see why Customers would Feel Nervous and Scared about Leaving their Engagement Ring or Diamond at a Jewelry Store. Would you know? Could you tell?

You should!

Because it’s not just the Jewelry Store’s Fault…


Why do I say this? Because YOU Allowed it to happen. You let them take your Diamond because of one Simple Reason:

You didn’t know your Stone!

You didn’t take the Time or Effort to Learn about, Study or Memorize your Diamond. What a Shame!

It’s True. With a little Effort, this Whole Situation could have been Avoided. With a little Homework you should have been able to tell if the Jeweler Switched your Diamond or Not. Now you don’t know and you’re Suspicious! Not Cool! If you took the time to Learn about your Diamond, you would know what your Diamond looked like. You would know if they took it BEFORE you left the Store!

Study your Diamond

The only way to tell if you got your Diamond back is to Study it beforehand. Study it Before and After you give it to the Jeweler. Study the Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Since every Diamond is different, it’s up to you to Find that Difference and Memorize it. Find out what makes your Diamond Unique. What sets it apart from all the other Diamonds. Is it an Inclusion that looks like Mickey Mouse? Does it have a Long Crack that runs through the Stone? Are there a Couple of Nicks in the side of the Diamond? What about the Girdle? Is it Uneven? Wavy? Polished? Are there Grain Lines on the Facets? Are the Facets Proportioned Well?

You have to find the thing that makes your Stone Different. There’s always something if you look Hard enough…

Maybe it’s a Sharp Yellow Color. Does it have a Low Crown? Is there a Trigon on the Natural? Does it have Strong Fluorescence?

Finding this Feature may feel like a Needle in a Haystack, but there’s usually something about the Stone that makes it Identifiable. Diamonds have their own Characteristics, Marks and Flaws. Find them!

Is the Stone Laser-Inscribed?

That’s the Easiest Way to Detect if you got your Diamond back. Look at the Etched Numbers. Are they the Same as the ones on the Diamond Certificate?

Learn more about Diamonds in my Book: Diamond Crash Course!

Testing the Diamond

Testing can also show you the Truth. Have the Jeweler Weigh the Stone in front of you and Verify the Exact Carat Weight. Have them Double Check the Color on a Colorimeter (Device for Measuring Diamond Color). Compare the Inclusions and Flaws to the Diamond Plot. Imperfections are like Fingerprints, no two are Alike.

Study where the Inclusions fall inside the Diamond. Look at them under 10x Magnification (with a Jeweler’s Loupe or a Microscope). Are there two Black Specks at the 9:00 O’Clock Position (think of a Diamond as the Face of a Clock)? A Feather that Rests at Noon? Memorize where these Inclusions are. Memorize what they look like. What Shape they are. Draw them out on a Piece of Paper or a Business Card if you have to. Inclusions don’t Grow, Change, Disappear or Shift. They are in the Diamond for Life.

80 Years from now you could View your Diamond under a Microscope and it would look exactly like it does today. Those 2 Black Specks would still be at the 9 Spot. This is Proof. You’ll know that it’s your Diamond. There won’t be a Question!

Learn your Diamond

Find out what makes it Unique. There’s always Something.

So let me Ask you…

Did you get your Diamond back?

If you took the time to Study, Learn and Memorize your Diamond you would know the Answer to that Question as soon as the Jeweler handed you your Ring back…

So Take the Time Today!

Get to know your Diamond, inside and out! Buy yourself a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe, you’ll LOVE it!

Cheers! :)

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