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How Many Diamonds Go In An Anniversary Ring Band?

“How Many Diamonds?”

You wouldn’t think this would be a Big Concern for many, but in fact, it is.

How many Diamonds do you put in an Anniversary Band?

Most Guys think it’s Equal to how many Years they’ve been Married. Their 7th Wedding Anniversary would get them 7 Diamonds! 8 years gets them 8!

Sounds logical…

But is this Practical?


That’s because Anniversary Rings are Not Designed like Cookie-Cutter Rings. They don’t have Interchangeable Amounts of Diamonds in them. They are Created with a Concept, a Style, a Design, and then the Diamonds are Added later. It’s not like a Mother’s Ring where you can add 3, 4, 5, 6 stones to it depending on how many kids you have.

Anniversary Rings are Built and Designed to be Aesthetically Pleasing. It’s the look that Counts…

Not the Diamond Quantity!

Most Anniversary Rings and Bands are made with Diamonds that Wrap around your Finger. Most go halfway or 3/4 of the way around. However many Diamonds will Fit into those Bands are what Amount of Diamonds you get.

I’ve had Guys come into the Jewelry Store and try to Specifically find an Anniversary Ring with exactly 13 Diamonds (13th Anniversary).

I say “Good Luck!“, because the Odds of finding a Ring that holds that Precise Amount is Slim.

And even if you do find ONE… Will you LIKE it?

Diamond Amounts and Years Do Not Match!

I’ve also had Guys come in looking for Exact Carat Weights to Years as well…

8 Years gets you .08 Carats?

(Your Girl may Laugh at you and your 8 Points!)

8 Points is Practically Invisible!

You’d have to be Married for 50 Years just to Even get a Half Carat (.50)? I don’t think so!

Plus, trying to find a Ring that holds Exact Carat Weights is even Harder. “I’m looking for an Anniversary Ring with .37 Carats! lol It’s like trying to find Someone that Weighs Exactly 150 lbs. Not 152 or 147.5, but 150 right on the Dot…

It’s Not Going to Happen!

(At least not that often!)

It could take you Years of Searching… And by then you’d be on your 39th Anniversary!

You see How Hard this Would be?

You’re only Making it Tougher on Yourselves… For it really isn’t a Big Issue at all. Women Don’t Care if it has the Right Amount of Diamonds in it. They Don’t Care if it’s Exactly .37 Carats. All they Care about is the Fact that They ARE Diamonds!

(And the Bigger the Better!)

Some Guys say “Well, I’ll just get her 20 Diamonds and not have to Buy her another Ring for the next 8 years”

What’s That?

A Diamond to Grow on?

Well if it Makes you Happy…

Anniversary Ring Options

Now you could always Custom Design an Anniversary Ring. (or Eternity Ring) You could Build one with the Right Amount of Diamonds in it…

And most Channel Set Rings (See Picture) do allow you to set Different Amounts of Diamonds in them. But most are made with Odd amounts like 7, 9 or 11 Diamonds, so it may look Funny if you only use 6. Plus, it could look like something’s Missing, and that’s Not Good!

With Anniversary Bands, the Larger the Stones that are Used, the Fewer the Amount can Fit. Some Rings have such Large Stones in them that you can only fit 3 or 5 across your Finger. Also note that the Bigger the Diamonds, the Bigger the Price!

If you Decide to Special Order a Ring, do so in Advance. I would give it at least 3-6 weeks. That way you can choose the Right Type of Mounting, Metal, Quality and Size of the Diamonds.

Non Refundable!

And also note that Special Orders usually Cost more, and are Non-Refundable! (Hope she likes it!)

Sometimes it’s just not worth the Hassle.

Just Buy her a Diamond Band!

(Amazon has Tons of Great Looking Diamond Anniversary Bands to Choose From!)

Something that looks Big and Beautiful.

And you’ll be Good for another Year!

Cheers! :)

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