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If You Sell Your Jewelry How Much Money Can You Make?

Selling your Diamonds and Gold?

What a Great Idea!

A lot of People Need Money and Think about Selling their Jewelry. I mean, it’s just sitting there in your Jewelry Box. You’re not Wearing it. Why Not Sell it? Why not get some Cash for your Unused Diamonds and Gold?

How Much Money?

So How Much Money can you Expect to Make from Selling your jewelry? And how do you do it without Getting Scammed?

Well Sit your Butt Down, because here’s the Honest Truth

You will Never get your Money’s Worth!

That’s right, you will Never get what you Paid for it! If you thought it was an Investment, you were Seriously Mistaken.

Bottom Line: You will never be Happy with how much Money you will make Selling your Jewelry and Gemstones. Period!

You will always think you got Ripped Off

You will always think the Jeweler Stole your Jewelry. There is no way around this. It all comes down to how badly you Need the Money. You see, Jewelers know this. They know that when it gets to the Point where People Start Selling their Valuables like Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Gemstones and Silver, then it’s Pretty much a Desperate Situation.

Do they take Advantage of this? Probably! Can you Blame them?

So what is it that you Can you Expect to Get? Well hold on to your Gat, because you’re not going to like this…

You’re only going to get 10-20% of what it’s Worth!

Ouch! 10-20% of what it’s Worth? 20% of Retail? That Sucks! But there are so many reasons why Jewelers and Pawn Shops Pay that much…

Here’s Why

Jewelers will Never Pay YOU More than they could Buying it from a Jewelry Vendor. If they can Buy a 1.00 Carat Diamond Ring, SI1 Clarity, E Color for $2500, then why would they Pay you More for it?

Even if the Retail Price is $6500! Doesn’t matter.

It’s Smart if you think about it.

But then People always say “Why don’t they Pay us the Same as they’d Pay a Vendor???”

There are Tons of Reasons Why

  1. Vendors will stand behind their Product with Warranties
  2. Vendors offer Money Back Guarantees
  3. They offer Deals and Incentives for Buying in Bulk
  4. They offer Interest Free Accounts
  5. They’ll Swap out Merchandise that doesn’t Sell
  6. They’ll give Jewelers Displays and Signage and Ad Slicks and Commercials

Those are some Huge Perks Vendors offer.

If they Buy Jewelry from you they get nothing. They can’t even Charge it. They have to Pay Cash or Check up front for it, immediately!

And the last Big Reason why you’ll only get 10-20% (30% of you’re really, really lucky) of what it’s Worth if you Sell your Jewelry…


Just like a Used Car!

It Loses its Value!

It’s very very hard for anyone to Sell Used Jewelry. There is No Market for it. Jewelers have to Break your Rings Apart, Scrap the Gold, Send it to a Refinery and have the Diamonds or Gemstones Reset into New Mountings. That all Costs Time, Labor and Money.

The only way to get any Good Money for your Jewelry is to Sell it to someone you know, or put a Classified Ad in the Local Paper selling it for Half Price and cross your fingers. Just don’t hold your Breath on that one. Chances are Good 20% of what it’s Worth, is what you’ll end up getting. Like it or not, it’s your choice…

You can always keep it!

But then 20% is better than Nothing!

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