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How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

Engagement Ring Sizings…

Engagement Rings are a Whole Different Creature.

These Types of Rings usually sit up Higher than a Normal Ring. They are usually Top-Heavy (You with your Big Diamond), and they are often Worn Side by Side with a Wedding Band.

It’s no Doubt that Customers always get this Ring Sized WRONG!

So then, How Should an Engagement Ring fit?

The Answer is:


The Whole Trick to getting your Engagement Ring to Fit Properly is to Keep an Eye on your Knuckle.

You want your Ring to Fit without Spinning around on your Finger. You also want it Loose enough to Accommodate Swelling (especially in the Morning). But you don’t want your Ring Loose enough to Fall off either.

It really is the Knuckle that’s the Key and Solution to this Entire Problem.

It’s the Knuckle

Your Knuckle will determine how Loose or how Tight your Ring needs to be.

When Sizing your Finger to get your Engagement Ring Sized (or Fitted), you want to Choose a Size that Fits the Wedding Ring Finger Perfectly, and also making sure that the Ring fits over the Knuckle Snugly.

Many Women make the Mistake of letting the Ring Sizers Slip easily over the Knuckle (or Joint). This only creates a Very Loose Engagement Ring. Many Women Worry that they won’t be able to get it off, so they opt for something Way Too Loose.

Keep in mind, the Ring needs to go over the Knuckle, and the Knuckle needs to Catch and Hold the Ring. But You DON’T want to have to Force the Ring on either.

That’s TOO Snug!

If you Force it on, you’re probably not going to be able to Remove it. Removing a Ring is Much Harder than putting one on.

Make the Ring Slightly Snug over the Knuckle (after all, you don’t Wear your Ring on your Knuckle), and you’ll find that it Fits More Comfortably on the Finger.

Plus, doing it this way generally Stops your Ring from Spinning.

If your Ring is really Top Heavy (Large, Heavy Stone that Sits up High), you’ll notice that the Ring will Flop from one side to the other. You may have to make the Ring a Tad Bit Smaller to Prevent this.

And if you have Big Knuckles (as many people do), and Tiny Little Fingers, you may need more help than just a Sizing can give you.

Ladies with Fingers like this, I’m afraid to tell you, there isn’t much Cure. You can’t change your Fingers after all. And you can’t make the Ring so Small it won’t go over your Knuckle…

So what do you do?

There are Two Options…

1) Sizing Beads

Have the Jeweler add in Sizing Beads (or some call them Sizing Balls or Posts). See image below…

Engagement Ring Sizing Fit!

These Little Beads of Gold are Soldered onto the Bottom of the Ring Shank. The Jeweler literally just Melts Drops of Solid Gold onto the Ring and Shapes them.

These Beads will take up some of the Slack between your Finger and the Ring. It usually Prevents them from Spinning!


It is a little Bit Harder to put the Ring on and take it off with the Beads, you may have to turn the Ring sideways to do so.

Granted, I would only add the Beads in if the Ring is really Top-Heavy and wants to Lean, or if you have really Thick Knuckles, Skinny Fingers, and Sizing just won’t do the Trick.

Sizing Beads Do Work!

Women Love them and Swear by them. Personally, I would think they would Feel a little Uncomfortable, but I’ve asked Women that Wear them and they all say they don’t even Feel them. They really do Love them!

I’ve never once put Sizing Beads in a Ring and have had to Remove them. :) That’s a Good Sign!

Sizing Beads do the Job, and are Pretty Inexpensive… Usually under $100. As Compared to actually Cutting the Shank Apart and Putting in an Arthritic Shank

Which brings me to…

2) Arthritic Shanks

Arthritic Shanks are Entirely NEW Shanks (As Seen on Amazon HERE!) that they put on your Ring that opens up allowing you to put your Ring over Very Large Knuckles. Those are Big Bucks!

So to Recap…

Once again, your first Option is to Size the Ring Properly, so it’s Slightly Snug over the Knuckle. This little Push will make your Ring Fit Better and should still give you Room for Swelling and Bloating.

Just Don’t make it too Loose, the Ring will Turn, and if your Hands are Wet, it could Slip off and be Lost.

A little Snug is always Best. Just don’t get it too Snug or it’ll Cut off your Circulation.

Push it Gently over the Knuckles so it Grabs. Your Fingers will Thank you! :)


The Wider the Mounting is, the Bigger the Ring Size will have to be.

A Wide Mounting generally needs to be at Least 1/2 Size Larger than Normal to Fit Properly.

But one good thing about a Wider Mounting is the Fact that they Snug the Finger Better and usually Don’t Spin.

Secondly, put in Sizing Beads if all else Fails. Those help Steady the Ring, take up Space, and Keep the Ring from Spinning.

And if you’ve tried it all, and nothing works, your last resort is Forking out Money for those Arthritic Shanks.

They Work, but they are not Cheap!
Cheers! :)

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