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Learn How to Become A Jeweler Wax Carver

Do you want to Become a Jeweler and Create your Own Rings, Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets?

Then you’ll need to Learn Wax Carving!

Wax Carving is how ALL Custom Designed Pieces are made. They all Begin with a Simple Block of Wax, and are Molded and Carved into all the Pieces you see in Jewelry Stores Today.

We do a Ton of Custom Designing in the Shop, making One-of-a-Kind Pieces that People Love and Cherish.

We generally Start out with a Rough Drawing or Sketch of the item the Customer Wants, then the Wax Carver (Yes we have Someone who does nothing but Carve Waxes) Creates the item out of Wax.

They Bring the Design to Life!

Take a Peek at some Examples of Wax Carvings and the Finished Products below…

Custom Jewelry Carved from Wax!

Once these Pieces have been Carved, Refined, and Approved by the Client, they get Set on a Spru and Cast in a Solution (like Plaster of Paris) that Keeps the Shape of the Carved Wax after the Wax has been Burnt out and Melted.

Once the Wax is Dissolved, it Leaves Behind a Hollow Void in the Shape of the Design. All that’s left is to Melt the Metal of your Choice (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and Pour it into the Mold to make your Piece.

Watch this Video

Watch this Video to get a Much Better Idea of the Entire Process, plus more!

It’s a Fascinating Process that’s Very, Very Cool!

This Type of Craft and Talent isn’t Learned Overnight though. It takes Years of Practice and a Lifetime to Master. Often the Amateur or Apprentice will Start with Carving a Simple Ring, like a Plain Smooth Band.

After they Master Carving and Smoothing out a Band, they’ll move into Carving Simple Objects, Patterns and Designs.

Intricate Styles will Follow, but it does take a while to get the Flow of Carving from a Block and Uncovering a 3D Image from Wax.

It’s Endless what you can Create

It’s Imagination Meets Functionality.

The Rest is up to YOU!

If you think you have a Desire to Learn the Trade and become a Jewelry Artist, pick up some Wax, some Carving Tools and some Books to get started. Or Grab this Very Cool Wax Carving Kit HERE!

Entire Wax Carving Jewelry Kit

Some Essential Books are Shown Below

Kits and Books are Affordable and Fun

They are a Great Place to Begin. Because you’ll never know if this Profession is right for you until you Give it a Go.

Maybe next Year your Creations will be on Display and Sold for Big Bucks. You never know!

If you want to Carve your Name into the Industry, it starts with your Very First Wax

Another Video…

If you’re interested, here’s Another Very Cool Video that Shows you the Entire Process of Carving a Wax, Casting the Piece, and Finishing the Ring. It’s Very Cool Stuff! :)

Learn more with Great Books and Kits from Amazon

Pick up an Entire Wax Carving Kit Today!

You could become a Pro at this as well. How cool would it be to Carve and Create your own Pieces?

It Can Happen!

Practice Does Make Perfect!

Cheers! :)

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