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Huge Oval Cut 151 Excellent Diamond


It would be hard to find a better looking oval diamond at this price…

It’s not only massive in size; 1.51 carats, but the clarity and color are top-notch: VVS2, E.

Almost flawless!

VVS2 is ultra clean of inclusions and blemishes. Just a few very tiny imperfections, hard to detect even under 10x magnification (and even under 20x, as seen in the 360 viewer at James Allen).

Such a beauty, take a peek:

Huge Stunning Oval Cut Diamond Excellent

E color, my favorite color, is pure-white and very bright. That combined with the size will really make this diamond pop in the mounting. Pure-white diamonds are mesmerizing.

Both the polish and symmetry are ‘excellent‘ grades, and this diamond has zero fluorescence. All great things that will make this diamond sparkle.

It’s stunning!

And, it’s GIA certified too. The best there is.

The price is perfect as well:

This diamond is selling for $15,800 (at the time of this post). As comparison, a round diamond of similar quality is selling for $20,000. So it’s a good way to get a huge diamond (and ovals look bigger than rounds), and save some money at the same time.

If you’re looking for a diamond, an upgrade, an engagement ring showpiece, then pick up this oval diamond before it’s gone. Big beautiful stones like this don’t last long.

And if that diamond is sold, check out other oval cut diamonds here.

Huge Oval Cut Diamonds

Cheers! :)

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