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The Jeweler Chipped My Diamond!

“Oh NO!”

A Common Question I get asked in my Q&A Section is “I think the Jeweler Cracked my Diamond! What can I do about it?”

It’s a Question that many will NOT like the Answer to…

For there is very little you can do about it…


And that’s because you Waited too Long to Notice!

For Example, someone recently Wrote in about their Engagement Ring and how their Diamond was Loose. They took it to a Reputable Jeweler to have it Tightened. After it was Fixed, they took it Home and Realized that the Diamond looked Cracked


This is a Sad Case and without more Information there really is no way of knowing Exactly what happened to the Stone.

No Proof!

First off, you don’t really know that the Jeweler Chipped or Cracked your Stone.

You Didn’t Physically SEE them do it!

You’re Assuming they did because you didn’t Notice it before. But there’s no way of Proving it unless you actually saw them Crack it.

I mean How do you know YOU didn’t Crack it?

You Don’t!

It could have been like that for Months! Really! The Diamond and Prongs WERE Loose, which means you could have Hit the Diamond as well. You could have Damaged it and Easily Chipped the Edge.

The Crack could also have been Hidden Underneath a Prong! Maybe the Jeweler Rotated the Diamond while Tightening it so the Crack is Obvious???

You see, there are just way too many Scenarios to really Pin-Point Fault.

It could be the Jeweler’s Fault, it could be YOURS.

People always want to Assume

But without Actual proof, it’s anybody’s Fault.

The place that you Originally bought the Diamond from could have Sold you a Cracked Diamond too!

Maybe your Diamond is an I Clarity Diamond and that Crack has been in the Stone for over a Million Years?

And maybe it’s not even a Crack… It could just be a Eye-Visible Inclusion!

This Happens a Lot!

The Fact is, most people don’t really LOOK at their Diamond. They may “see” it everyday, but how many times do you actually Inspect it?

When was the last time you looked at your Diamond under a Microscope or a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe? Most people will Scope it the day they Buy it and NEVER Scope it Again!

I know people that bring Rings in to get Cleaned and have Stones Missing from the Mounting. I Point it out to them and they are Stunned that they didn’t notice it before. Most people “see” but don’t really SEE.

People are never really Observant until AFTER they get their Rings back. Then they want to Scrutinize them to Death.

But as many find out…

By then it’s too Late!

If the Jeweler DID Crack your Diamond…

Then you’ll have to Spot it BEFORE you Leave the Jewelry Store!!! For once you Walk out that door with your Diamond you’re Acknowledging the Fact that the Diamond is Fine and Acceptable.

Granted even if you do Spot it, the Jeweler can still say

It was Cracked when you Brought it in

But I doubt this would ever happen, because Jewelers know that working on a Cracked Diamond can be More Harmful to the Stone. They know that More Pressure on a Crack can cause it to Crack or Bust even more. Jewelers have to take Great Caution working on Diamonds with Chips or Diamonds Filled with Lots of Inclusions. That’s why they try to Catch them ahead of time. If your Stone was already Cracked (or Heavily Included), they usually bring it to your attention before they do any work on it (Jewelers want to Protect themselves as well).

Preventing the Situation

No matter what, there’s only one True Way of Preventing this Situation:

Microscope your Diamond!

Microscope your Diamond BEFORE and AFTER you get it back. Microscope it BEFORE you hand it over to them, to Assure to you AND the Jeweler that your Diamond is NOT Cracked. Have them Note it on the Repair Slip that your Diamond is OKAY. No Cracks – No Chips! (And then you both can Sign or Initial it!)

And when you get it back, make sure you Microscope it again to Guarantee that your Diamond is still NOT Cracked. View it under 10x Magnification (Like These Awesome Diamonds HERE at James Allen). The Microscope is the Best Tool to use to Protect yourself and your Diamond.

Scope it BEFORE and AFTER!

Plus, if the Jeweler were to Switch out your Diamond for a Lower Quality Stone, you would Catch that as well.

Microscoping it and Noting it is the only way to have Total Peace of Mind. If you see in the Scope that your Diamond is Cracked or Chipped and they have Noted that it wasn’t… Then THEY DID IT! Simple as that. They will have to Replace the Stone.

But you MUST do it before…

Before You Leave the Jewelry Store!

You can’t wait until the Next Day when you Decide you get a Closer Look… Take the time to do it when you pick it up NOW. Otherwise, it’s Your Word Against Theirs! And if that happens, then there really isn’t anything you can do about it.

So Slow Down

Slow Down. Don’t Rush into the Store, Grab your Ring and Bolt…

Take the Time to Scope it!

Bring your Certification Papers with you and Double Check any Inclusions, Plot or Inscription numbers. You have to be Responsible for Protecting your own Valuables.

So if the Jeweler DID Crack your Stone and you can’t Prove it, What can you do about it?

  1. Trade it in towards a new (and Possibly Bigger) Diamond.
  2. Have it Recut and made Smaller (to Cut the Chip out).
  3. See if your Insurance Company will Cover the Cost of Replacing the Stone.

Honest Mistake

Now you may be a Victim, but I Assure you, it’s probably by Honest Mistake.

Jeweler’s do Not Want to be Blamed for Carelessness!

They don’t want to have to Fill Out Insurance Claims, have their Coverage go up, or have to Cover the Cost themselves.

They also don’t want to Lose you as a Customer either, or get Bad Word of Mouth. It’s not a Good Situation for anyone.

Usually Jewelers will Check the Stone when you bring it in just to make sure that it is a Genuine Diamond (Not a CZ), and that the Diamond is Not Chipped or Cracked.

But you just never know. Maybe they’re really Busy and don’t have Time to Look? Maybe the Store is Packed and People are Lined out the Door…

If this is the case, then it’s up to YOU to make sure they find the time.

Make them Scope your Diamond!

Protect Yourself!

Stones Crack!

Things Happen.

Life is Not Perfect!

Microscope the Diamond Before and After you get it back (When you get to the Store and Before you Leave the Store!)

It’s the only way you’ll truly know…

And that’s the only way you’ll Truly Protect your Diamond!

Get a Closer Look at your Stone and Become Familiar with it TODAY!

Buy yourself a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe.

You’ll LOVE IT!

Cheers! :)

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Recommended Jewelry Supplies:

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner Jewelry Steam Cleaner
Complete Jewelry Cleaner Kit Diamond Dazzle Stick
Gold Silver Jewelry Polishing Cloths Jewelry Making Supplies Kit
Gold Acid Test Kit Watch Tool Repair Kit
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