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The Worst Cheapest Tennis Bracelets Ever Made

The S-Link Diamond Tennis Bracelet is Both the Best and the Worst Tennis Bracelet Ever Made!

Best and Worst?

It’s the Best Tennis Bracelet ever made because it made Women Fall in Love with Diamond Bracelets, and Jewelers Sold TONS of them!

The S-Link started a Trend that still continues Today. Women could Wear Beautiful Diamond Bracelets that were Popular, Stylish and most of all, Affordable! It opened people’s eyes to Tennis Bracelets with Whole New Looks with Bold Designs.

But the Tennis Bracelet Failed

Tennis Bracelets also brought Failure to the Diamond Market. It’s what I call The S Link Tragedy! S-Link Tennis Bracelets became all the Rage. They became so Popular, that just about every Jewelry Vendor in the World started making Cheap Knock-offs.

As the years went by, these Diamond Bracelets got Worse and Worse.

Cheaper Mountings, Low Quality Diamonds.

Ultimately it Doomed the S-Link Tennis Bracelet!

It Saturated the market so much, that eventually every woman had one. When it began a 2.00 Carat Diamond S-Link Bracelet was a $2000 Investment. Then it Quickly Dropped the Price Down to $699 because of Quality and Competition. Putting in Low Grade Diamonds did the Trick!

Today I’m sure that you could probably get a 2.00 Carat Bracelet for under $500.. (YEP, See this 2.00 Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet on Ebay HERE!) Going, Going, Gone!

And when I say Low Grade, I mean it!

These Diamonds looked like Chunks of Salt and Globs of Glue. They had Visible Clouds in them and Huge Black Carbon Spots. And most were an Ugly Shade of Yellow or Brown and a Good Portion of them were Chipped and Broken.

I’m Serious too!

If you Louped these Cheap Knock-offs with a 10x Jeweler’s Loupe, you’d GASP at how Bad the Diamonds were. You’d see how Badly the Diamonds were Set, some were Crooked, and I’ve even seen some set Upside Down in the Mountings! I’m Not Lying!

A lot of them were Pure Junk!

It didn’t used to be like that. I’ve seen some really Nice Quality S-Link Bracelets out there. Bracelets with Big Carat Weights and High Clarity Diamonds. I’ve seen some with Heavy, Well Constructed Mountings. It sure Beats those Crappy Thin Mountings in some of today’s S-Link Bracelets. You could pick some of them up today and they’d be so Thin that you could Squish them Between your Fingers. Not Cool!

So Here’s some Good Advice

If you see an S-Link (Cookie-Cutter) Diamond Tennis Bracelet in a Jewelry Case today, Pass it up!

After all, those S-Links will only Catch and Snag your Clothing anyway (RIP!). Turn your Eyes and Gaze to other Styles, Designs and Bracelets, like this Awesome 5.00 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet Instead.

You’ll be Happy you did!

See More Diamond Tennis Bracelets Here from Amazon!

Cheers! :)

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