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If I Were To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

“What would you buy?”

People often ask me, if I were to buy a diamond engagement ring, what would I buy?

My answer:

VS clarity, E-F color, GIA certified diamond with an excellent cut.

And it has to be loose.

For you should never buy a solitaire diamond that’s not loose.

You have to be able to scope the diamond (with a microscope or a 10x jeweler’s loupe) and you don’t want the mounting to get in the way or to hide things (like flaws or inclusions).

Always buy your diamond loose.


VS, E-F is the perfect diamond quality. I know it’s not really a “perfect” diamond, you can go higher up the clarity and color chart, but this is the diamond I love. And here’s why…


VS means Very Slightly included. VS clarity (either VS1 or VS2) has very small inclusions in them. Just a few here and there so that you can identify them under 10x magnification. VS is very impressive, very clean and very stunning.

You could buy VVS clarity or even a flawless diamond, but they won’t look any better visually if you put them side by side. Even under a scope you’d have a hard time telling the difference between them (VS and higher clarities). We’re talking about little, tiny imperfections. Microscopic marks, pinpoints, crystals and blemishes. They’re practically invisible.

So VS is the clarity I would buy hands down.


E-F color… Love it!

E or F color is ultra beautiful, white and bright. I adore pure white (colorless) diamonds. They have no color in them whatsoever. Just a brightness that seems to light up the stone (and her eyes). I would never buy anything else (except a D if I had the chance).


It would have to be GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). Certified and laser inscribed)… For I like to see the diamond report number etched right into the side of the diamond. But that’s usually in diamonds smaller than a full carat (1.00 carat). Bigger stones generally are not laser inscribed, but they do come with a diamond plot. :)

I trust GIA over any other independent certification company out there. It has to be GIA. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Other things on the checklist:

Sparkle: It must have a lot of brilliance and sparkle. Diamonds must have life, color, fire, scintillation… (which is why I would go for True Hearts diamonds).

It must sparkle like crazy.

Excellent cut:

The cut grade of the diamond (GIA) MUST be excellent. That’s the best cut grade there is and it will make your diamond look KILLER!

Diamond girdle: Thin-medium girdles (polished or faceted, not rough) are the best. You don’t want your diamond girdle chipping or looking clunky.


None! I don’t like fluorescence at all.

Culet: The culet is not a big concern as long as the diamond culet is small and not noticeable through the crown.

Polish & Symmetry: Excellent grades in both give you the wonderful Hearts and Arrows patterns that all the best diamonds have (True Hearts). It will say on the diamond report if the grades are “excellent” or something else.


I would buy a classic tiffany style engagement ring, or a pave mounting. I love those! Nothing shows a diamond off better than a simple, clean mounting.


White gold. I like the brightness, luster and price of white gold (platinum is also fine, but platinum is 4x the cost, and it has a much deeper, darker body tone than white gold).


I would make sure to get the jewelry appraised for insurance purposes (and include a copy of of the diamond report).

Payment method:

I would pay cash for it, if possible.

Paying cash saves you money (no credit card interest fees). Some jewelers will actually give you a discount for paying cash too. Just ask. Money talks!

Carat weight:

1.00 or 1.50 carats…

Of course.

So there you go, this is what I like, what I love, what I would buy, if I were to buy a diamond.

See these stones I recommend HERE!

Aren’t you happy you asked?

Cheers! :)

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